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Name: Al’hadrien

Age: 24

Sex: Male

Class: Necromancer (warlock)

Race: Human

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Str. 8

Stamina: 9

Muscle: 7

Dex. 13

Aim: 11

Balance: 15

Con. 14

Health: 13

Fitness: 15

Int. 16

Reason: 16

Knowledge: 16

Wis. 17

Intuition: 16

Willpower: 18

Cha. 7

Leadership: 9

Appearance: 5

Extra Abilities: A HP bonus and the standard necromancer stuff.

Known Languages: Undercommon, common, Elf, orc, gnome.

Items In possession: Robe, hood, belt, knifex2, backpack, large belt pouch, gold tube, 8 doses of class D poison, spellbook, soft boots, 1 vial of ink, adamantine bulls eye lantern with continual light cast 40 times on inside (Also known as the enemy of the underdark fires the equivilent of a sunbeam spell without the affects on undead),Fire Bomb (a flask of Greek Fire Oil with Fire Trap cast on it) x30.

Magic Items: Wand of Magic Missiles, Ring of the Ram, Wings of Flying.

GP: 7,000

Library/laboratory Value: 21,000

THAC0: 18

Movement: 13

AC: 9

HP: 47

Saving throws

Poison: 12

Rod/wand/staff: 9 (8, if it's dodgable, or 5 if it's mind affecting)

Petrifaction: 11

Breath: 13

Spell: 10 (9, if it's dodgable, or 6 if it's mind affecting)


Bonus: Spellcraft (I have no idea what else "spellcasting" could be...)

Bonus: Herbalism

1. Reading/ writing

2. Alchemy

3. Alchemy

4. Anatomy

5. Anatomy

6. Research

Weapon Proficiencies: none. Warlocks don't get weapon poficiencies.

Level: 9

XP: 192,500


Chill touch



Corpse Visage

Read magic

Detect magic

Magic Missile

Chromatic Orb



Spectral hand

Ghoul touch

Flaming Sphere

Animate Skeletons

Animate dead Animal

Vampiric Touch

Pain touch

Melf’s Minute Meteors

Bone Knit

Soul Blast*

Continual light

Fire trap

Animate Dead


*Soul Blast If your wondering what the hell soul blast is, it's Al'hadrien's very own unique spell. Here are it's stats:

(necromancy, force)


Range: 40 yds. 5 yds./ level

Components: V, S, M

Duration: Instantaneous

Casting time: 5

Area: 1’+1'/3 hp expent radius

Save: *

Soul blast takes a portion of the casters life, and transmutes into a magical ball force. The ball is cast similarily to a fireball.

For every point of HP used by caster, inflicts D3 damage. After casting, the caster must make successful constitution check or be stunned for D3 rounds. Requires a drop of the caster's blood and a drop of acid mixed together.

Familiar: Nightwing the raven

Followers: 30 skeleton crossbowmen, (studded leather, short sword, Repeating crossbow, which can be used by skeletons because it doesn't have to be loaded), 20 skeleton calvary, (spiked leather, falchion, medium shield, medium lance, undead warhorse w/leather barding).