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Name: Diablos

Age: 23

Sex: Male

Class: Cleric

Race: Half-Drow

Deity: Ragnarok

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Str. 14

Stamina: 13

Muscle: 15

Dex. 14

Aim: 16

Balance: 12

Con. 13

Health: 11

Fitness: 15

Int. 13

Reason: 14

Knowledge: 12

Wis. 16

Intuition: 16

Willpower: 16

Cha. 8

Leadership: 10

Appearance: 6

Extra Abilities: Heat resistance, cold resistance, infravision, less sleep, Specialized in Scythe, Hit point bonus, Inspire Fear, bind undead, Laying on of hands (Evil Version).

Languages Known: Common.

Items: Tunic, breeches, belt, riding boots, vest, large belt pouchx2, small belt pouch, holy symbol, fire bomb (see Al'hadrien's page for what that is)x20, lamp oil x2, backpack, Adamantine scythe (+2 bonus to hit and damage), dartx20, very old Green Dragon skin armor, adamantine field plate armor.*

Magic Items: Cloak of the Bat, plate mail +1, Rod of Terror, ring of Vampiric Regeneration, 2 dagger+3's.

GP: 10,000

THAC0: 16

Movement: 12 (Fl 15)

AC: -3

HP: 88

Saving Throws


Rod/wand/staff: 11 (9, if mind affecting)

Petrifaction: 10

Breath: 13

Spell: 12 (10, if mind affecting)


1. Religion

2. Reading/ writing

3. Herbalism

4. Herbalism

5. Riding, Griffon

6. Riding, Griffon

weapon proficiencies:

1. Scythe

2. Scythe

3. Dart

4. Two handed weapons

Level: 9

XP: 257,200


Magical Stone

Animal Friendship

Cure/ cause light wounds

Bless/ curse

Invisibility to undead


Heat Metal

Produce Flame

Fire Trap

Resist Fire

Animate Dead

Dispel Magic

Produce fire

Cause serious wounds

Dust Devil


FLAME STRIKE!!!!!! (Brando loves this spell very, very, very much)

Followers: 40 skeleton infantry, (studded leather, scythes, clubs), 10 skeleton Bugbears (chain mail, Tower shields, Battle axes). and a griffon named Deathstorm.

*Mephisto is an armorer, and he melted down the equipment of about 15 drow warriors.