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Welcome to The Green Planet, a page devoted to the Nameks from DragonballZ! I had just gotten the internet a few months before my obsession with the Nameks, so I decided to find some web pages devoted to Piccolo. I started looking, but I couldn't find one! I became annoyed and started typing in "Piccolo" on every search engine ever created. No Piccolo sites. (I got about 50 sites advertising Italian restaurants or selling musical instruments.)After ages of surfing, I finally found 3 good sites devoted to the Nameks. Three sites???? Only three???I was really burned up. The best characters in DBZ were pratically forgotten on the internet! They sat in the shadow of all the Saiyan sites or Android was crazy!!!! Right then and there, I decided that I would make a page showing the people on the internet how great the Nameks are. I've never had a page before, so The Green Planet may take a while to start up.

Enjoy what I have so far!

The Good Stuff

Pictures from Namek
Pictures of the Nameks... and only the Nameks.^_^

Are you obsessed with Nameks?
A list of things to help determine how obsessed with the Nameks you really are.

Some of the best stuff that the Nameks said in DBZ.

The people that helped me with this site!

Some of my favorite web pages on the internet.

Nameks vs. Saiyans
What are you more like? The Nameks or the Saiyans?

Miscellaneous stuff!
Odds and ends. Webrings and things of that sort. ^_^

Winamp skins featuring Piccolo!!!!

Namek Greeting Cards!
Send a friend a Namek greeting card, or pick one up!Oi vey. Not working! Ignore this section for now.

What every Namek fan has been waiting for...a way to make Saiyajin fans confess their secret obsession with the Nameks! WARNING: VERY ANNOYING FOR MOST PEOPLE.

What would you never hear Piccolo say..?
This is really an experiment. I'm not too crazy about sections like this, but we shall see. Not much here, but hopefully it will grow! ^_^;

Last Update: Added a "things DBZ people would never say" section.

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Disclaimer thingy that I should have added ages ago: Dragonball Z is not mine. All rights to the characters and stuff related to DBZ goes to Akira Toriyama and all those other companies that I can't list right now considering the fact that I am brain dead after my finals. O.o;