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I've never, ever imagined having a doujinshi section in my site. Mostly because I have no talent at drawing whatsoever, and partly because I never thought anyone would submit doujinshi. Luckily, I was wrong about the latter. Thanks to Saint Souljiro one of the most wonderful artists I've ever come across, this section was born. Thank you so much!

Anyone else with good doujinshi (or fanarts) please send me your submission by e-mail.

*Sorry, no thumbnails available yet. Because the image files are huge and would take forever to load on one page, only the newest doujinshi will be shown on this page. Links to the rest are found at the bottom of the page.
How they paid for their swords.. by: Saint Souljirow

Other Doujinshi

Souljiro's sidestep by Saint Souljirow

If you want your doujinshi to be posted, mail me.

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