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Victorians At War

An Oral History Site

This Is Something Special For All Those Who Have Lost A Family Member Or Friend In Any Conflict
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Australians Remembered
World Map

“Showing us what it is we should never forget!”

The interest in the “what” and “where” of our armed services activities has never been so high. The interest in the commemoration of ANZAC day is reaching new levels each successive year, with new generations showing enthusiasm. With all this interest and excitement the level of knowledge and understanding of what is being commemorated is not increasing and to locate and collate all the information is a difficult task. That is why we at Hema Maps in cooperation with the Australian War Memorial have compiled the most concise and yet complete record of the activities of Australian Armed Services in conflicts throughout the world. This record is in the form of a World Map called
"Australians Remembered"
Lest we Forget”

The map features a political world map showing all the conflicts in which Australians have been involved, differentiating the conflicts by colour-coded boxes and inside the boxes are the units involved in these conflicts. Tabulated around the map are the various combatants in each conflict, a matrix that shows where, when and how long Australians have been involved in peacekeeping forces and a complete list of the Australians who have earned the Victoria Cross. The locations where these VCs have been earned are shown on the map and at the bottom of the map is listed the number of Australians who died in each conflict. The Map is framed by depictions of medals of the Australian Armed Forces, Campaign, Service and the medals of valour. Although these medals or not totally comprehensive, space has demanded that we show only a substantial selection. All this information required extensive research and could not have been completed without the assistance and co-operation of the Australian War Memorial in Canberra.

The final step that really distinguishes this record is on the reverse side, which features the complete Honour Roll of Australians who have fallen in battle. Yes, a complete list of 102 000 names laid out alphabetically within the various conflicts.

The Australians Remembered map is available wherever maps are sold and retails at $14.95 in a folded form and $44.95 laminated in a tube.


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We all need a laugh to keep us sane! The war has given us this fellow. Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf, Iraqi Minister of Information (currently on administrative leave). He makes all the mis-information ever given out seem plausible.Even when the American's parked a tank outside of his office, he wouldn't admit that they were anywhere near Bagdad. Have a look and a laugh.

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