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Emails Received For Our Troops

All the very best for one of the worst times in your life. Keep your heads down and safe. Hope you all get home safely soon. From the Mattners in Renmark

Diggers know that you all are making us so very proud in a time like this. Speaking for many Australians, know that you have our deepest respect, empathy and are in our prayers. Though I don't have any family in the Australian Military, I feel we are all part of one big family and I feel proud and honoured to be part of it, as I'm sure your loved ones are. Be it big or small you all have a place in our hearts. May there be no more bloodshed of the Timorese or any of the Peace Keepers. You are our heros and we wait for your return with open arms.

Signed of with love and tears
Simone (Townsville)

We know that ours friends' son is over there and we are all heart with him and we are so proud of him as we believe that "greater love hath no man"
His name is Michael Tyniec. The Lonski Family

As an old veteran of WW2 (Naval type) I would like to express my great appreciation of the job our defence personnel are doing in East Timor.
I know they are at the whims of politicians, but I know that we owe a debt of gratitude to the East Timorese for the way they cared for our independent companies that invaded their country during WW2.
I am pleased that the Minister for Veterans Affairs has stated that those involved in the peacekeeping in East Timor will be covered by the Veterans Entitlements act in the event of casualties etc.
I am a member of Legacy, the RSL, the Naval Association, and of two other Naval organisations. I served in the area of Timor during WW2, but never set foot on the island.
All those trops at the cutting edge have my utmost admiration, as it is difficult to fight when your enemy is almost undetectable from the civilian population. Let's hope the troops all come home, and that the body bags are kept for those who attack our troops.
Best wishes for a short campaign, with very limited casualties on both sides.
Regards Tom Butcher

I am a member of the RAAF and have been for 19 years. I am appalled at the pathetic rhetoric spewed out by the labor party ,in particular Kim Beazley and the ex-prime minister Paul Keating. These two traitors have led this country up the garden path of war and humiliation with their suck up politics and their degradation of the armed forces of this country I have personally witnessed over the last 19 years. John Howards government, whilst giving no free lunches, has at least the guts to admit we are in trouble and that we have, for too long, taken a muzzled, backseat position in the regional political bus route. I am definitely not a war monger and my wish is for a speedy, peaceful recovery of Timor, and an even quicker recovery of normality in Indonesia. I am however, very angry at labor's stance on the foreign policy now being shown by our country. At last we, as a nation, are standing up for the oppressed peoples of timor. To do so is in our nature, as Aussies, we stand up for the little bloke, the battler, the one who can't stand up for himself any more. Labor would have us believe that it is good to lie on our backs and let the aggressors walk over us to get to his prey. This will happen no more!!!!!!! I wish all the best to our men and women over in Timor and hope they all return safely and soon.

To Ryan Ingram
Dear Ryan,
How are things going? I hope this e-mail gets to you! Mum and Dad asked me to give you all their best wishes and hope you are back soon.
At the moment I'm at the ACCC which is a government department and I am doing work experience. It's really good! I have my own office and I'm on the executive level. Aaron is still hoping to join the army, but i think his girlfriend is keeping his mind off that thought.
Anyway good luck and I hope to see you soon Love Kirsty

I support the Australian peacekeepers fully as my husband is one of them, Army.
Please give him and his mates my love from the girls waiting for them at home.
Mrs. Morgan.

To all the Peackeepers; I know it won't be easy but I am sure you have the support of all of us at home . Good Luck and a safe return.

John Bowes

From: Mimand. To My Cousin Alan Vassallo
Alan was stationed in Townsville. Just want to let him know that all his cousins are thinking of him. Come home safe Alan...Take care buddy.
From Irene, Michael, Matt, Drew, Nath and Danni.
I wasn't too sure if I could do a personal message, but I thought I would try. May all our troops stay safe..I know we here will never know how hard it is for them over there to be away from their families and friends. Hopefully with all the prayers and good wishes from all the Aussie well wishers will give them a little bit more strength.

From Bernadette Wood
I'd just like to give my support and thankfulness to all those peace keepers in East Timor. May God guide you and let no harm come upon you. You should feel very proud. Thank you

From a Vietnam Vet to great bunch of people, keep up the good work and remember to make sure that you get your counselling before too long. I've just come out of a two month long PTSD programme amd I feel now that had I had the opportunity for counselling THEN I would not have needed it 30 years later.

1999, 23th october, Brasília, DF, Brasil
Dear Sir I congratulate you and Australian soldiers for the peacekeeping operations, in East Timor. As you know, Brazilian soldiers are participating in Interfet, under the command of an Australian general. I'd like to receive, if possible, news from East Timor and the UN military operations. I will be very thanked if news about the Brasilian platoon would be issued.
Thanks for all. Paulo Cesar de Castro

Keep up the good work. There are quite a few over there known to me and my husband Sgt. Steve Curran. We are thinking of you and keep safe.
Lisa and Steve Curran.

To Sgt Peter Hallan 1 JSU Catering Section
Gidday mate, Hows it going, I didn't find out that you had gone until I got back from Croc 99 on the 25 OCT 99. We have just been told we deploy in a couple of weeks and will be there for Xmas and new year. I hope every thing is going OK you old war dog I bet you'd love a beer, I did shithouse on the Cup and am still bleeding. Anyway, I'll probably see you soon
All the best love Goody, Angie and Melanie, Max says WOOF

Please tell Chase Gibson that Jeanne & Matthew, Elliot, Emma all LOVE him and MISS him so-o-o-o-o much!!!!! Please tell him to come home soon!!! We LOVE him!!!


To Cpl. Simon Dell. RAAF.
Hello Simon, Rob and I are thinking of you, and we are keeping in touch with Liz, we pray for your home coming to be sooner rather than later, we all love you, take care thinking of you, your friends Leica- Rob - and family

Attention 212407 WO2 Grant Larven FST(HVY)
Dear Grant, Just a short note to say Hi!, and to let you know that you will receive a letter and crissy package next week. I hope that you are okay and it is not too wet over there. Look forward to receiving your next letter.
Love and best wishes Ange xoxoxoxo

To Sgt Gary Raymond Smith
Dear Gary
Hope you have a great christmas and New Year! Having dinner with Garry and Barb and we are all thinking of you, we'll have a few beers for you which you can't have.!!! Everything is going well at home I'm going to Albury/Wadonga for Christmas. All the family send their best wishes and grandmother is okay at the moment.Been to the casino this afternoon and come out square!! which is unusual for me. Can you send an address where people can get in touch with you as everyone would like to hear that you are okay.
Take care, Love and Best Wishes
Dad Garry & Barb

Hello Simon, How's it going? Hope its not too hot for you. All the family are missing you. Toni-Jayne tells everyone you are helping all the people in East Timor and giving them drinks of water! We have just thought to send you an email while we are at Viv's place. So we are writing this and will let Nicole know that she can write to you via email as soon as we get home thisafternoon.
Take care Lots of Love, Jacky, Eileen and Viv

Hi guys.
Just a quick line to say I think that you're doing a great job, and showing the World how to do it with style. As a former digger, you make me proud to be Australian and I can relate to you. This'll slay you - phoned the ADF & offered my services, and they declined very nicely, saying that at 46 I did not figure in the preferred Government options to help solve the East Timor isssues. Sad about the beer 'rats', but I think it always was two cans - per man - per day - perhaps. Some things never change. Public opinion of you guys is very high back here. As it should be. Keep your heads down, your chins up & God bless you all.
Huntie & family.

Wow was I ever glad to see this web site. As the wife of a Vietnam Veteran I have been shaken by our involvement in Timor but relieved that it has gone so well. To the guys in Timor you have done a fantastic job and we are all so very very proud of you all, and look forward to your return. Just a note; enjoy the concert, wish I could be there with you.
Kathy Lawrence

Att: 4803733 Gnr M. W Johnson
Hello , Jen and I were looking at the internet and thought we would send you an e-mail. I miss you lots Can't wait until you are home.
Love Kelly xxooxoxoxo

Hi! Just thought I would drop you folks a line to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy and safe New Year. We are still thinking about you and the important work you are doing.
Merry Christmas!

Hello, great site. Happy to see someone has done this, please send my heartfelt thanks and support for all the guys and girls doing their bit. Not just from this nation but all the other countries that are there. My name is Greg Amey and i was in 4/3RNSWR for nine years. I now live in Brisbane and run my business Aussie Digger Militaria. If there is anything that I can get for the troops in East Timor please let me know.

Everyone in Australia appreciates the efforts of our troops & all other personnel assisting the East Timorese people. Keep up the good work. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. Have a beer if you get the chance.
P&J O'Halloran

As an ex RAAF Hercules and Orion Pilot, I am very very proud of the Australian Forces in East Timor. I want to wish every one of you a safe and merry Christmas. Keep the faith because all of Australia supports you.
FLTLT Campbell Barkla
RAAF General Reserve

To all the peacekeepers
wishing you all a merry christmas and all the best for 2000'
we are all thinking about you, especially over the christmas period and looking forward to your safe return home
take care and keep that aussie spirit up !
Bianca (Kalamunda, Perth)

Merry Christmas & may it be a peaceful one for you so far from loved ones & home. Our thoughts & prayers are with you as you help a struggling nation emerge from oppression. Hope everyone returns home safe & well from your tour, be proud of being an Aussie Digger taking part in protecting our neighbors. Good Luck!
Jayne Penfold

WE ALL LOVE YOU .........................

Hello there...I am currently living in Alaska, U.S.A. and am originally from Canada. I would like everyone to know just how proud I am to be part of them. Working here for the war vets, and on behalf of them I would like to take this opportunity to wish all a merry Christmas and a happy new year...May God be with you....
Love and best wishes......Shirley

To all the Guys from Port Fairy and Warrnambool and all U.Ntroops Keep up the good work.

Good work troops just watched the concert on TV it made me feel proud to be Australian hope you all have agreat Christmas and a happy safe mew year hope you all get home soon regards Mark

To all our girls and guys in East Timor, Our family has just finished watching your Christmas concert. It is good to see that you are all in good spirits. We wish you could all be with your families this Christmas but our prayers and thoughts are with you and your families. We want you to know that we are very proud of all of you and watch the daily events over there and keep you in our prayers that you will come to no harm. Thanks for showing the world Australians at their best. Enjoy your Christmas even though you are not here we are with you all. Love and best wishes to you all, come home soon and safe.
Katherine & Robert Todd and our children
Sarah (15) Courtney(13) Matthew(10).
God Bless

Attention Sgt. David Goodall
Dear David Well I hope that you get this from Connor & I. Drop us a line sometimes hey, it would be good for your godson to hear from you. I hope this finds you well & that your not having to hard of a time over there. We have been thinking about you & hoping & praying that your well.
Well until we see you again take care & look after yourself
Love Corinna & Connor

Hello everyone
Hi my name is Lisa and my Daughter is Ashleigh.
She is 10 and I'm 32 years old. Just writing to wish everyone over there a Merry Christmas and a happy year. Keep up the good work. Saw most of the concert last night didn't realise how many were over there. You all looked like you were enjoying your selves. Shame about the rain though. If anyone has the time please write back if you want to that is.
Bye from Lisa and Ashleigh.

Dear Peter
I don't know if this will find you but we wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Look forward to catching up soon. Love Aunty Shirley, Ken and Girls.

HI, just a short note to wish you all a very Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year and most of all a safe return home. We are very proud of you all and thankyou for the tremendous support you have given to the East Timorise people.
Regards Greg and Vickey Slack

Well, all I can say is thank you for your time and effort in producing this small and yet quality site. As a recently returned someone from East Timor, may I say we were all stunned by the unprecedented level of support for the Australian servicemen and women from both the Australian public and overseas, for our continued service in East Timor. It is difficult to put into words the expression you see on people's face as you pass them in the street, knowing that 3 months ago they were running for their lives. The people of East Timor now share a bond with the people of Australia that will be hard to break indeed.

Once again, I thank you for your effort, and I'm sure the rest of my mates in East Timor who haven't returned yet would thank you also for your support.

Merry Christmas, and if you really want to help, donate some clothing to one of the many charities that are supporting East Timor, or send it to a young soldier who is co-ordinating the 5th Aviation Regiment's support of a school in Dili by sending blank A4 books, pencils, pens, crayons and coloured pencils, in fact any usual school supplies, to a worthwhile cause, that of getting over 500 students of Western Dili in the region of the Dili Heliport, the chance to start a normal life (sort of) again.

Any items may be sent to;

Lt. Hempel
5th Aviation Regiment
Operation Stabilise INTERFET
International Mail Centre
Sydney NSW

If you could do me a favour and disseminate this info as far as you can, then hopefully, eventually, a small school in Dili will be able to get a headstart in teaching the future of East Timor.
With thanks, Dan Minton.

This is addressed to Private Rowan Hartcher Australian Army unit unknown.
Dear Rowan,
Hello from the Brodie family in Newcastle .This is Stacey sending you this e-mail. My mother has had a christmas card from your mother that is how we know you are in Timor I hope that you are doing ok and the weather is not all that to hot for you. At the moment we are having lots of rain so christmas day will be a little wet,but that doesn't matter. If you want to write back you can write to
Butt@Hunterlink.nett.au , it belongs to Kim,Brian,Rebecker and Simon Butt if you can't remember them just ask your mum . Every one here is thinking of you and all the guys and girls doing a fine job we hope that you all stay safe and keep smiling.
Lots of love to all
Stacey Brodie 24.12.1999

Have a great xmas and a good new year! you had better be back by feb 12. ring your sister she has our new number.
From Mark

To our Aussie Peacekeepers, keep safe. Proud of you all, in what has been achieved so far. Keep up the good work. Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Safe New Year.
Carmel Cunningham
Rockingham W.A.

Tremendous Troops
and avagoodweekend
Best wishes for the silly season
Somewhat strange Sonya

Though your far from home and your loved ones please know that tomorrow the 25th we will remember you and your families . We pray, you in your own way will still have a lovely Christmas as you celebrate with each other.May God keep you all safe and return you in the not to distant future to the loving arms of your families.
Love to all
Noelene, David, Scott and Jason {Selmes)

To all the Brave, Georgeous, Muscle-bound Troops in East Timor
Have a happy, healthy and safe Xmas...go easy on the 'moonshine' and may you all be home in Oz ASAP!!!!
Best Wishes

Dear Pauline
Didn't get to see ya ugly mug at the concert the other nite :) Remember not to get your foot stuck in any ones pocket because you have seen how much damage that can do to a person. Have a really great Christmas (well as best you can). We are all thinking of you heaps and hope to see you really soon! Love from Cyndi, Kim, Wendy and the girls from Midland Hills Rugby Union Football Club's Women's Team! PS: You had better be back before the beginning of the rugby season xoxoxooxox

Extend seasons greetings and all the best for Christmas and the new year to all Australian troops serving in East-Timor. hope your tour is short & safe and you can all return home asap,all Australians are supporting you ,especially the Viet-Nam Vets. hope to see some of you when you are heading south from Darwin to your homes, drop into Larrimah for a coldie best wishes to you all
Karl Rot
ex 17 Const Sqn RAE

Dear All
I just wanted to send you all my best wishes for the silly season. Merry Christmas to you all!!!!!
If any one knows Chris Billen give him a huge hug and kiss from his big sister and tell him I will write soon.
Alison Meads

All of us back home here are hoping that we will see you guys and girls home soon. We hope that you had a great christmas and that you didn't miss home too much. Life goes on here at home and we are all enjoying the holiday time but always remembering that there are Australians over in Timor. Let us know if there is anything we can do or send you folks over there, we would be happy to help. our prayers and thoughts with you always. Kindest regards,
Katherine Todd & family


I have great pride in our Canadian Peacekeepers.
I'm truly grateful that other Nation's such as Australia are committed to Peacekeeping and not War .
There are Nation's at this moment solving there inter board disputes with War.
I salute Canada, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Republic of Korea, Singapore, Thailand, United Kingdom and the United States for there gallant afforded.
Richard L Niedbalka Jr


Hey Guys and Gals,
Just thought some of our guys and gals in East Timor might get a buzz out of the message I got today. Know this, that you have our support and best wishes to you all.
Warmest regards and thanks,

Hi All,
Just a quick note to let you all know that you have all made me proud to be Australian.
You have done a wonderful job in difficult conditions and shown the world how a peace mission should be run.
Best regards
Craig Mackay

Keep it up men and woman of the rising sun, all come home safe.

Hi, I've returned home after 115 days in East Timor. I went over with 2 RAR and we were one of the first infantry soldiers on the ground. I would very much like to thank all Australians who supported us and still are supporting the diggers over there now. thankyou.
Darren Valley

Hello, You might be wondering why a "Yank" is writing to show support for Australian service members. Well, first of all I come from a military background, I have been around people in the service most of my life so I appreciate the sacrifices that you make. Second of all I have a special place in my heart for Australia. I have friends over there that I visited and fell in love with the country. If anyone would like to be penpals with a single lady in the States I would love to hear from you. My address is:
Elizabeth Courville
1701 Columbus, #104
Canton, Mi., 48188

All the best,hope you are all home soon Shirley

All the best troops.from an old sas dig Vietnam. Arch

Well done on a great site and a great tribute to our diggers in East Timor!
May they all be safe and all come back to their families!
They have all fought gallantly and in the true spirit of the Australian 'digger'.
Good Luck and take care.
Cheers Con Eracleous

Keep up the good work over in Timor. Uphold the proud traditions of the diggers. All of us over here are thinking of you guys.
GO HARDCORE! Rob, 306 Regional Cadet Unit, Monash.

To Jay Curtis (Army)

Hello Jay and all the peacekeepers, hope you all know how much we think of you.


I'm a 52 year old working grandmother of 2, former Army myself and was married to it for over 17 years. All of you are in my prayers each day. May each of you know how much we all appreciate what you are doing for us back in and also for the people of Iraq. We are proud of all of you. I wake up safely each morning, look out at the lovely Rocky Mountains and my thoughts turn immediately to you. I also have 1 daughter and 2 son-in laws that are active duty with the US Air Force. So far they have not been sent to the Middle East, but I know they could leave at any time. My son in law spent 6 months there last summer and into the early fall in preparation for the war and also served during Dessert Storm. I hope this war is as swift as the last and that no more troops are killed or taken as prisoners. Know that we love you, appreciate you and pray for each and every one of you every day. God Bless the USA. Barbara in Colorado Springs, CO.

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