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The Ellis Schools of Traditional Aikido

Our New ESTA Site - We have a new site !!!

"Interview with Sensei Derek Eastman 45 yrs of Traditional Aikido" Describing his experiences as a 16 yr old student at the famous HUT dojo in the 1950's.Kenshiro Abbe/Nakazono/Noro.

Sport England Meeting Minutes 6th July 2004. SportEngland/BritishAikidoBoard/HenryEllis/DerekEastman/DavidHumm.

The Origins of Martial Arts in the UK

A letter from **The Doshu** to Sensei Ellis

Interview with Sensei Ellis from Aikido Today Magazine.

News from the club..

Interview with Sensei Ellis from Fighting Arts International Magazine.

NEVER EVER forget September 11th 2001.

The members of the Ellis Schools of Traditional Aikido UK, would like to offer our heart-felt sympathy to our students and friends and all of the American people.  We too share your pain.

Sensei Henry Ellis

LINKS-Some other sites we recommend

What is Aikido, and what do those Japanese words mean?.

Positive Aikido - The Book.  The book is scheduled for publication and release in Late October 2004.Visit the publishers website for the latest information and ordering.Trafford Publishing .  More info here

For an in depth review of all the British Aikido - the Controversy Click here

. OUR RESEARCH on: "The Sensei Jack Poole Biography" Exposed!"

The National Aikido Communication Database

The British Aikido Board
A site by EZnewsTV of the USA. Dedicated to British Aikido.

The History of British Aikido. A site dedicated to British Aikido by EZnewsTV of the USA.

Women In the Martial Arts - An Article by Anita Wilson (1st Lady Assistant to Sensei Ellis)

Is Aikido a Martial Art - An Article by Sensei Ellis

"A Tribute to Sensei Matsutaro Otani 8th dan by Sensei Bill Stopps,click AvantGo"

The Origins of Aikido in the UK.

Some Words from Sensei Ellis.

Club Information / Details Page.

News Archive.

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