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A Union Jack with a Swastika in, pictured yesterday. THE MATTER OF BRITAIN A Union Jack with a Swastika in, pictured yesterday.

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The authors, doing research THE MATTER OF BRITAIN is the first novel in a projected series of six which set in a Nazi-dominated England following a successful German invasion of Great Britain in 1940. The stories follow the fortunes of a number of characters from the initial Occupation through to the end of the 20th century.

We decided to do this a few years ago and have put in a great deal of research (see picture). Links above will take you to some of the background material and to two sample chapters from the novel. We'll let you know when it finds a publisher, so's you can go out and read the whole thing.

So what's the picture about? K&E are in St Helier, Jersey, doing SERIOUS HISTORICAL RESEARCH, looking at life in one of the only bits of Britain to have been occupied by the Germans during the war. The poster is trying to persuade people to join a Waffen SS unit of British volunteers which was being raised to fight on the Russian front. Only about 20 men, mainly prisoners of war, actually did. A few of them were real Nazis, but most were nuts or had been tricked into signing.

(Actually, they weren't really doing research at all. Eugene had a major birthday and his great mates took him to Jersey for cheap beer and seafood. In the picture, he is very happy because he will soon be leaving this museum and going to the pub.)

PATENTLY BLOODY OBVIOUS DISCLAIMER TO ANYONE WHO DOESN'T GET IT: Nazis are bad people and if there is a hell, that's where all Nazis end up. This site does not endorse any form of fascist ideology, doesn't worship Hitler and sure is glad he lost the War.

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