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The Kim Newman Site
Kim's official site
Eugene's own site 

The Kim Newman Archive
Lots of reviews and articles by Kim
Official site of the world's leading comic writer and our great mate.

Robert B. Schmunk's admirably-comprehensive list of alternate histories, which also includes the Sidewise Awards for Alternate History

The Edge Website of London-based features and fiction magazine that's into modern horror, fantasy, sf, etc.

Claude Lalumiere
Canadian writer, editor and translator who's very interested in "the fantastic, the imaginative and the weird." And he has a dog called Konrad.

Things That Never Were
Links to loads of timelines of fictions set in the past and future maintained by Edgar Governo. 

Emerald City
Online sf and fantasy magazine maintained by our old schoolfriend Cheryl Morgan. 

Infinity Plus
UK based sf archive thingy with loads of short stories. 

Official site of the very wondereful UK sf news, reviews, short story and feature mag.

La Clepsydre
French-based mall press mag about time in fictions, such as alternate histories, steampunk stories or historical fantasies. Read in English, French of Portuguese 

David Turner
British research student with lots of interesting bits and pieces on the history of the UK far right (and left). 

Because the Nazis are always with us.

Paul J. McAuley
He writes sf, he does. 

The Bridgwater Czech-Slovak Friendship Society
Not much to do with alternate history really, but our great mate Special Agent Smedley asked us for a link.

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