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A Union Jack with a Swastika in, pictured yesterday.    FREE STORIES!   A Union Jack with a Swastika in, pictured yesterday.

For those of you who enjoy reading fiction on a computer screen, here are some alternate world stories, free and gratis!

The Wandering Christian
A story written by Kim and Eugene in 1990. What might the Middle Ages have been like without Christianity? We were asked to contribute a story to a collection which Brian Stableford put together around the theme of the Wandering Jew, and we thought it might be interesting to turn things around a little. This was originally published in Tales of the Wandering Jew (Brian Stableford, Ed., Dedalus 1991)

Alternate Majors
That's Majors as in John Major ... Two stories by Kim about the man who was Prime Minister of Great Britain for a few years longer than you think he was, and who's already nearly been forgotten ...

The Glimmer Man
Is this the first alternate history commissioned on behalf of a UK city? As part of Bristol's bid for European Capital of Culture 2008 (failed) Eugene wrote this tale of Bristol under German occupation. But remember, you're only allowed to read this if you pay taxes in the UK, or play the National Lottery ...

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