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The authors, pictured yesterday Kim Newman & Eugene Byrne are two British (well, Eugene's Irish, but lives in Britain) authors. Individually, they do all sorts of stuff, but together, they occasionally write stories in which history has worked out differently.

Kim is a well-known film critic and has written several novels and short stories as well as books on movies. If you'd like to find out more about his work, here's his official website.

Eugene is a freelance journalist, occasional author and Consulting Editor of Venue, Bristol's what's on magazine. He works there part time and spends the rest of his time thinking about how he ought to write more. His site is here.

They have been writing short stories together for several years. Their cycle set in a parallel 20th century in which the United States goes communist in 1917 and in which Russia remains Tsarist/capitalist, took bloody years to write. These stories, which form a complete novel when taken together, are now available as BACK IN THE USSA.

Damn fine read Kim and Eugene have also worked on a cycle of novels set in a Britain which is conquered by the Germans in 1940. The first novel in the cycle, THE MATTER OF BRITAIN is finished and looking for a publisher. Still. Future books will follow the fortunes of various characters through the years of Nazi domination to what is bound to be a happy, and at the same time rather sad, ending. Assuming it finds a publisher.

This site includes examples of their work, background notes for THE MATTER OF BRITAIN, sample chapters, an account of a roleplay game in which an imaginary Resistance scenario was played out and several other bits.

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