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Mara & Amber's Personal Fanfic!

Hey now, lots and lots of fan fiction as of February 20, 2005! *APPLAUSE* Go and check it out!

Our Stories

Nothing Terribly Special - FINISHED. Wild Wing gains some insight on some of his teammates. (The original 6 and no one else...strange, huh?)

The Invaders -- At last... they're here, in their very own origin story, the newest members of the Mighty Ducks! *THE BEGINNING OF IT ALL, A MUST READ!*

Entwined -- Wild Wing breaks through Amber's shield.

To Myself I Turned -- Amber's self reflection. What drove her to such bitterness and how can she put a stop to it?

Just Killing Time - Sometimes all it takes is a little change in perspective...why not give Grin's a shot?

Have a Ball - Never think a Charity Ball could turn your entire world upside down? Neither did Duke or Mara.

NEW!!!!!!! A Kidnapping - The Saurians get a WHOLE lot more trouble than they bargained for when they kidnap THIS duck! Still in progress so keep checking back in!

Reunions - Duke and Mara's criminal pasts come back to haunt them, but how can it affect Nose Dive and Amber's future?

Robin Hood: Ducks in Tights I even need to explain? *A VERY early, laughable attempt!!*

Echoes of the Unspoken by Jetherwing, editted by Amber VanDrake: What happens in the unnatural? Hauntingly eerie. Part II POSTED!

Duckula Our favorite mythical demons brought to life and harassing our favorite hockey team of alien ducks.

Always Three -- The team is in turmoil; between a proposal, a bet between Nose Dive and Amber and a declaration of love Lestat never wanted to give, things just couldn't get any more confusing!

Toxicity PART IV now posted- Lestat recieves a summons from his father beyond the grave and Lestat answers it...unfortunately for the Mighty Ducks. An eerie thriller.

THIEVE'S TALES! Stories from Puckworld and Duke's thieving days, back when the Saurians were little more than a legend.

FANFICTION BY YOU!!! That's right, go.

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