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Thieves Tales

Long before Dragaunus, before the Saurian Invasion, there was Puckworld. A peaceful, prosperous planet little aware of the fate that was in store for it. But every planet has it's problems...and Puckworld had the Smuggler's Guild; an intricate, highly organized crime ring located in Puckworld's capitol city Baconus...but it's reach was so much further. The most vast network of thieves to ever span universe had its roots right in the heart of Puckworld's thriving metropolis. These stories chronicle the adventures of two of the Guild's most skilled and prominent thieves, Duke L'Orange and Mara Jade, shining some light on their mysterious pasts, and how they paved the way to their future.

Links and Stories

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Must Run in the Family- my first story. This story explains how Amber met her sister

The Thieve's Apprentice-Part 1- Look what happens when Duke decides to take on an apprentice
The Thieve's Apprentice-Part 2

Once a Thief - Hey everyone else did a story on Duke's past, so why can't I?

24 Hours to Live - What happens when a mysterious threat letter is sent and it gets into the wrong hands?

A Day in the Life - A short story told from a very...intresting...point of view.

Breaking All the Rules - what happens when two gangs cross paths?(Nothing...if no one ever finds out ...)

Rock Bottom (by Amber) - What the hell does that mean? Just ask Amber.

Checkmate - What's poor Jake supposed to do when he's been put in check by the Lady Smuggler?

Just Like Me (by Amber)- A story with many new perspectives on Jake... Not Finished!