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  As mentioned on both the main and the intro page the ZX97 is the idea of Wilf Rigter from Canada. He made the source ASCII schematics.

He provided the source ASCII schematics for the ZX97 and also on my request a reduced but quite functional ZX97 Lite ASCII schematic. I requested the reduction in order to facilitate PCB design. I haven't designed the ZX97 full upgrade yet but this will happen soon. This upgrade will probably be ZX81 compatible as well. Wilf has also helped me when I was debugging my prototypes.
Click HERE to read the ZX97 article by Wilf Rigter, dated dec 1st 1997.

The ZX97 full version original prototype is actually in my opinion not as suitable for release in the context of this website and thus will not be featured at the moment. The reason as stated in the introduction is the fact that the original prototype is made up from three PCBs that are connected via two flatcables, one with 40 pins and one with 50 pins. The PCBs a bit are too large, ICs not as well distributed as they could be etc.

The ZX97 Lite prototype was almost without bugs when I finished the first version PCB. I had a few bugs related to the memory decoder and extended character set but they are ironed out in the revised designs. (these have not been prototyped because of the nature of the bugs and the fact that I hardwired these final changes on the original ZX97 Lite prototype)
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   ZX97 Main Page ZX97 Lite

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