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  Welcome to the English version of my build-it-yourself microcomputer website. 

With the navigation bars you can easily visit every page on my website. 

On this homepage you can find all sorts of info about the microcomputer designs I have made with the help of CAD. The designs are all single-sided PCB designs, so they can easily be etched at home with your own PCB setup. 
Most of the designs are based on the ZX80 and ZX81 home computers that were made by Sinclair Research, supervised by Sir Clive Sinclair, back in the early nineteen eighties. 
These computers will probably be more well-known amongst readers who are somewhat older, since they were made in the early eighties. 
The ZX80 and ZX81 were amongst the first really affordable home computers that used a television set as a means of communication with the user. 
The programming languages used on the ZX80/81 were BASIC and ASSEMBLER, however it is even possible to use FORTH and some other languages. 

A few years ago, Wilf Rigter from Canada has also made a 'ZX' design, the ZX97
This is a completely new design that not only uses better technology, but can even do several things the original ZX81 can't. 
Wilf provided the schematics for the ZX97 in ASCII, and I subsequently made the CAD ZX97 designs on this site with some debugging assistance from him. 

You can find some general information about the projects and what you can do with the resulting computers in the Intro section 

Under Project groups there is a number of pages in which there are several projects that you yourself can build at home. That is the actual purpose of this website. 
Of course, some soldering experience and knowledge about electronic parts will be necessary. However this does not mean that an electronics education is required! 


With questions I can be contacted by email

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     Main Page

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