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  What kind of links
My links page is made up with links to pages that I have noticed on the internet that are similar in context of my ZX activities and website, or simply in my opinion quite interesting to visit.

Kai Fischer's Website
Kai's website is extremely interesting in my opinion and well worth a visit for any ZX hardware enthousiast. He has written details with pictures of many of the german ZX-Team's ZX hardware expansion projects. Amongst those projects are:
- ZX81 Floppy Drive Interface 
- ZX81 Harddisk Interface
- ZX81 Poke Board
- ZX81 Giant memory expansion Board
- ZX96 Mainboard (with integrated Poke Board) and Signal Buffer Board.
- ZX81 LCD Interface (which amongst other things allows for continuous FAST operation without disturbance of the LCD screen synchonisation, and even overclocking of my Euro-ZX81 to 9.6 Mhz with some minor modifications)

Some of these projects I have built myself, and some were build for me by Kai because of hardware specific difficulties during configuration. I have put up some photos of the ZX-Team boards that I have myself in my Pictures section in the ZX81 area.

To visit Kai's page, follow this link.
To go directly to his ZX96 page, use this link.

ZX-team Homepage
There are many references on my website to them, what more can I say about the German ZX-Team? 
They have information about ZX-team meetings, the magazine, projects, archives of Memotech related files, software, etc, etc.
You can read all about it on their homepage by Peter Liebert-Adelt, follow this link.

Grant Searle's pages
He details how to build a ZX80, a Jupiter Ace and more. His ZX80->81 info is my basis for the Euro-ZX81...
Follow this link to visit his ZX80 page.
At the bottom of the page at this link are links to his other pages.

Carlo Delhez's pages
He is the author of Extender and Extender2, both excellent ZX81 emulators for the PC.
Follow this link.

Matthias Jaap's ZX81 pages
ZX81 software archive, various information and links, follow this link to go to his page.

Pera Putnik's pages
Pera's pages are mostly related to the Spectrum, but the projects are very interesting and it is probably possible to use some of them with the ZX81. His projects include a ZX IDE Harddisk interface, ZX Floppy drive interface, EPROM Programmer, etc. Follow this link.

Kevin Baker's ZX81 pages
Very nice website about hardware projects, software, and all sorts of information about and for the ZX81. I used his ZX81 64K RAM memory manager circuit in my Euro-ZX81 designs, I can say it certainly works very well, as I have used it ever since my first prototype. Follow this link to read more. ZX81 archive
This is a large ftp archive of all sorts of files related to the ZX81, including a very large number of programs for the ZX81.
Follow this link to go directly to the ZX81 programs directory. At this link you can find some ZX81 related PC programs.

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     Links Page

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