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Earlier in the year we asked you, Roofdog's readers, YOUR opinions on the best and the worst of music today. And as the new year scuffs its feet on our carpet, the months of frenzied counting are finally over as the results reveal themselves to the world. Enjoy..!

Once you've read the results through, why not discuss your favourite moments of 2000 and your heroes and villains at the Roofdog Message Board..?

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Best Album

Roll up, roll up Roddy and Co.... Scots punkers Idlewild top your favourite album of 99/2000 list, hotly followed by Muse, Beck, Folk Implosion and Broadcast. Excellent choice, Sir...!

1. Idlewild - 100 Broken Windows | interview | review
2. Muse - Showbiz
3. Broadcast - The Noise Made by People
| interview
4. Folk Implosion - One Part Lullaby
5. Beck - Midnite Vultures

also voted...

Death in Vegas - The Contino Sessions
Coldplay - Parachutes | interview | review
Ooberman - The Magic Treehouse | review
Shack - HMS Fable
Cay - Nature Creates Freaks | review
Moby - Play
Blink 182 - Enema of the state

Two of the best... Idlewild (top) and Broadcast

Best Single

It's now almost two years old, but Coffee & TV made a surprise push to the top spot, but if you've seen the video aswell then you'll probably love it even more. That dinky little milk carton is soooo cute..!!!

1. Blur - Coffee & TV
2. Super Furry Animals - Northern Lites
3. Blink 182 - What's My Age Again?
4. Muse - Muscle Museum
5. Broadcast - Extended Play

also voted...

Doves - The Cedar Room
Ooberman - Shorley Wall
Primal Scream - Swastika Eyes
Fungus - A fanclub would be nice
Leftfield - africashox
Santana - Smooth
The Beta Band - Syncronise

The beta band didn't win as such... but just look at those beards!!!

Best live act

1. R.E.M
2. Blur
| review
3. Mogwai
4. Asian Dub Foundation

also voted..

The Crocketts | review
Atari teenage riot
Blink 182
Super Furry Animals

Best album ever

It's hardly surprising that in the best album ever category Nevermind and The Bends went straight to the top of most people's lists. But what's wrong with that?

1. Nirvana - Nevermind
2. Radiohead - The Bends
3. The Beatles - Revolver
4. The Smiths - The Queen Is Dead
5. Pearl Jam - Ten

also voted..

Massive Attack - Mezzanine
Ash - 1977
Velvet Underground and Nico
Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures
Marion - The Program
REM - Monster
Alice in chains - MTV unplugged

..i wonder how much that baby got paid..?

The Emperor's New Clothes award:

The Emporer's New Clothes award is given to those bands who have achieved success and widespread critical acclaim despite a severe lack of talent and the ability to annoy someone out of a paper-bag from 50 paces. Disagreed with the press over one of the 'great' new bands? This was your chance to have your say. Here's what you thought...

1. Travis
2. Robbie Williams
3. Blink 182
4. Terris
5. Muse

also voted..

Manic Street Preachers
Gay Dad

TRAVIS: ..why does it always rain on me...? because you're crap, that's why.

'Tip for the top' band:

Well, you certainly knew which bands were set for greater things in 2000. Hey, Le Tigre haven't filled Wembley stadium just yet but they still rock.

1. Coldplay
2. Crashland
3. Le Tigre

also voted..

My Vitriol
Six by Seven
Rachel stamp

Le Tigre: 'I'm the singer, so I get the best T-shirt, s'there..!'

Sexiest person 2000: are a randy lot! there were so many different people voted sexiest person of the year, we've decided to rank them all as equals. so here's who's in the sexy club...


Sarah Michelle Gellar
Christina Ricci
Andrea Corr
Claire Danes
Trish Keenan
Gwenyth Paltrow
Kelly Brook
Liz Hurley
Willow (buffy)
Natalie imbruglia


Rob Flynn (machine head)
Robert Smith
Laurence Lleyelln-Bowen
Robin Guy
Chris Martin
Roddy Woomble

and a special mention goes to Lily Savage, who was nominated for both awards.

..hey Buffy, I see a vampire you can slay...

Prat of the millennium

Gulity looks from Roofdog and muddy paws up; there may have been a little subconscious suggestion here by using the word 'millennium' in the category title, but hey, the runaway winner, with more votes than the rest of the top 5 put together, is the one, the only, mr. robbie williams..!!! tosser.

1.Robbie Williams
2. Tony Blair
3. Mel C

also voted..

David Bowie
Nicky Wire
Peter Stringfellow
Marilyn Manson
David Beckham
Andrew Eldritch

sadly, the axeman did not swing hard enough..

Best film:

1. American Beauty
2. The Sixth Sense
3. Fight Club
4. Being John Malcovich
5. A Clockwork Orange

also voted..

Eyes Wide Shut
Toy Story 2

Don't look so shocked Mr.Spacey.. you are a winner in our best film category!

Album that changed your life

As influential bands go, they don't come any more influential than Nirvana. Clearing up again, with Smashing Pumpkins squeezing into the top three.

1. Nirvana - Nevermind
2. Nirvana - Bleach
3. Smashing Pumpkins - Siamese Dream

also voted..

Swell - 41
Radiohead - OK Computer
Travis - Good Feeling
Urusei Yatsura - We Are Urusei Yatsura
Cocteau Twins - The Pink Opaque
Soundgarden - Superunknown
Blink 182 - Enema of the State
REM - Monster
Oasis - Definitely Maybe
Marion - This World & Body

look at all of that hair...

Best live venue:

1. London Astoria
2. Q Club, Birmingham
3. Newcastle Mayfair (r.i.p)
4. Knitting Factory, NYC
5. Sheffield Leadmill

also voted..

Temple Newsam, Leeds
Leicester Charlotte
Glasgow Barrowlands
Manor Quay, Sunderland
Wolverhampton Varsity
Warwick University
Leeds Town & Country Club

Best album artwork:

1. Lambchop - Nixon
2. Radiohead - OK Computer
3. Idlewild - Hope is Important

also voted..

Ooberman - The Magic Treehouse
Blur - 13
Eels - Daisies of the Galaxy
Broadcast - The Noise Made by People
Terrorvision - Regular Urban Survivors
Nirvana - In Utero
Geneva - Further
SFA - Guerilla
Feeder - Polythene
Cradle of Filth - Dusk and her Embrace
NOFX - Heavy Petting Zoo

ooh! the uses of paint; with brushes (top) and sponges...

Worst Single:

This award, as painfully difficult as it is to award, goes out jointly to steps, the spice girls (including Geri, but especially Mel C), will smith, robbie williams and every other piece of mass produced junk out there.

sorry guys and gals, Roofdog's readers have voted that you SUCK...

joint winners:

steps / spice girls / mel b / mel c / geri / will smith / robbie williams

also voted..

Armand Van Helden - Koochie
Atomic Kitten - seeya
Eiffel 65 - Blue
any track by Vengaboys
Travis - Writing to Reach You

mel c: this woman is crazy.

The Roofdog Fantasy Festival 2001

Following the revelation that Glastonbury 2001 has been cancelled, Roofdog's own fantasy festival is here to cure your musical ills. So pour yourself a cup of tea, sit back, and imagine yourself sitting in the sun at the one and only ROOFDOG FANTASY FESTIVAL 2001...

non-existent promotions is proud to present the ROOFDOG FANTASY FESTIVAL 2001..

featuring, as voted by Roofdog readers..

big stage 1:


big stage 2:


indie stage 1:


indie stage 2:


teensy stage:

the crocketts | kingsbury manx | dodgy | ocean colour scene | broadcast | atari teenage riot | glitterbox | 3 colours red | jj72 | rachel stamp | cradle of filth | goo goo dolls | third eye blind | mogwai | rancid | stiff little fingers echobelly | saw doctors

venue: your imagination | dates: whenever you like | subject to license
tickets - with camping: as much as you like - without camping: subtract 10

The desert island feast

OK, OK, so you're stuck on a desert island for a week (don't ask how. we haven't worked that one out yet. just become part of this imaginary world, ok?), and you're allowed an unlimited supply of one type of food and one type of drink to survive. But what would you choose? Here are some of the best answers... bon appetit!

Jug of wine & Beef Jerky
Tikka Masala & Dr Pepper
Toast & Martini Rosso
Wine Gums & Lemon Squash
Roysters & Apple tango
Guinness & apples
Chocolate & Jack Daniels'
Pomegranites & Ovaltine
Stirfry & Slush
Onken Yoghurt & Oasis Citrus Punch
Ribena & Chicken Kievs
Burgers & Lilt
Marmite & Waggledance real ale
Icecream & vodka
Monster Munch maize snacks & Water
Bolognese Pizza & Harp lager

A Dog stuck on roof?

Yes, you can believe your eyes. What would you do if you spotted our beloved little Roofdog (above)stuck up on his roof with nothing to help him pass the time of day but an old newspaper and a small rubber bone? Here are some of the answers we received, exactly as they were typed...

'Show it the new swell CD'
'Show it my tits'
'Dogs don't go on roof, that's cats'
'Take a dump, it will want to sniff it'
'Blow up the house'
'Shoot it'
'Go up and get it'
'Help it'
'Bone on a stick'
'Dog food'
'Coax it down with ma hand...'
'With a big stick'
'Throw stones at it'

Your other comments...

Time to wallow in some praise. Well, everyone deserves a little encouragement. Here are some of your comments..!

'You rock'
'Mega mega wow fantastic!'
'Lovely zine!'
'Rabbits should be green'

Now that you've seen the overall results, what is your opinion? Do you agree? Disagree? Couldn't care less so long as Robbie Williams is derided at every opportunity? Then start a topic at the Roofdog Message Board..

Thanks, thanks, thanks to everyone who took part in this survey. You rock, and without your interest or articles Roofdog wouldn't be able to exist.

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