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I'd love to sign up to the Roofdog Fanzine mailing list.

I understand that in exchange for the wealth of cool articles, features, games and other excellent stuff it will inform me of, as well as allowing me to enter some exclusive member competitions (*), I have to send no money, ever, absolutely zilch; merely provide my name, email address and short description of how I found the site.

I don't need to worry as the mailing list will only arrive every few weeks; it won't clog up my mailbox, and the nice people at Roofdog promise that they won't pass my information on to anyone else.

Wowsers, and all for free!! You know, this world is a pretty cool place, after all...

...and all thanks to ROOFDOG! ®

Just fill in the form and click 'submit' to return to Roofdog...

your name:

your email address:

How did you find out about Roofdog Fanzine?

(*) competitions will begin shortly; entry is confirmed by replying to a specific email, and you don't have to enter if you don't want to. No risk, just a simple little comp, and if you win, we'll let you know by email and post your prize direct to you!!

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