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Submissions Wanted!

Roofdog is a fanzine made by music and comics fans, and as such reader submissions are welcome. If you'd like to write an article for Roofdog, please email us with your article ideas (before you write them if possible!) and then please note the following guidelines:

Album Reviews

200-400 words
Artist/Album Title/Record Label included
non-simpering (ie. don't be too generous!), honest, witty and original. A little background history of the band would be nice...
Rating out of 10

Live Reviews

200-400 words
Date and Venue Included
Photos a definite advantage!!


Interviews are discressionary... any music interviews would be very welcome, questions as you see fit, and we'll edit articles for clarity and brevity.

Full credit given for your work, and all copyright retained by original authors (that means YOU!).

If you'd like to write an article for Roofdog or have any ideas/comments, please mail to

Good luck and we hope to hear from you soon! :o)

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