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There are many benefits for becoming a member of AGSA, these includes:
  • Access to the Newsletters
  • Access to the Bulletin Board
  • Information of Conferences and Seminars
  • And lots more........
There are two types of membership with different benefits: 
  • Family/Individual membership -  cost only $20, members of this type is entitled to the monthly news letters, press releases and the private access Bulletin Board, so that you can reach other families or individual and share their experiences. 
  • Organisation membership - cost $40, they are entitled to the monthly news letters and and press releases. 

Please download the application form and send to the following address with a cheques payable to AGSA.

66 Albion Street

Surry Hills NSW 2010


If you are unable to download the application form, please write to us and we will send one out to you.

Thank You for supporting AGSA.

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