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Do you have a question for AGSA? Do not hesitate to ask any questions you might have about genetic conditions. The request for information page is also available for your questions. The questions below are asked frequently by many people.

Further information can be obtained from AGSA.

Q: Am I the only one?
A: No. And it is not your fault. A genetic disorder does not discriminate

Q: Is it Ok to feel upset?
A: Yes, it is. AGSA has support groups for people who are having difficulty.

Q: Who else can I talk to?
A: AGSA offers a networking service where families of people suffering similar conditions can get in touch with each other.

Q: What other information is there?
A: If you become a member of AGSA you will receive monthly newsletters, with details about upcoming events.

Q: What is the usual reaction of parents when they find out their child has a genetic condition?
A: Grief reaction to disability : Shock, Panic - fight or flight "Let me out of here", Disbelief, Denial, Confusion, Despair, Anger, Depression and anger, Guilt and /or blame, Gradual reality, Resolution

Q: What do support groups do?
A: They provide contact with somebody who will listen and understand, Provide up to data medical information, Provide helpful tips from other parents or affected individuals, create awareness and early diagnosis, and just when you feel you are in a rut provide motivation.

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