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Last Updated May 22, 2005

Site NewsFeatured Art - Phoenix by Zero

Site Formating Issues 5/22/05

As I'm sure you've noticed long before now, there's been some messed up looking areas of the site, or other issues such as the missing title bannor and broken/malfuctioning counter. All of this is due to a change in Angelfire's annoying banner ad codes, which interfears directly CSS code, which I use in quite a few places throughout the site. Angelfire insists that it is working on the issue, but it's been quite a while since we learned of the issue, so I doubt they're working very fast on it. In the meantime, I appologize for any oddities that pop up while you're roving the site.

Another nice piece of line art from Zero, this time of one of his fire mavericks that takes a resemblence ot the legendary firebird. There's also alot more art in his gallery to be seen.

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