The Original Fountain Island (Sonic Area)

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MechaSonic animated GIF was made by Hyper Raptor(???). I've lost the location I got it from. (e-mail me if you know who and where)


The MegamanX Roleplaying Headquarters (MMRH)

MegamanX and all related characters ©Capcom
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Pets obtained from:

  • The Lightning Web
Counter came from VGS
Buttons for Navbar were obtained from FlashButtons
I enjoy the navbars that are offered at their site, but unfortuatly with the way that my site is set up, I would need to generate multiple navbars from their site in order for all the pages to have one and still link properly to all the other pages. I opted instead to use the images at the loss of not being able to have the special effects. Images used are still properly of

Warped Crossings Inc. (WCI)

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