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The Fountain Island Archipelagoes

Welcome To Upta Datel

Your link to the other Islands

Welcome to the Fountain Islands. Originally this one just one Sonic bases site, but due to my expanding hobbies and interests, I have also expanded my site as well. This page is an archives of all the other subsites in my dominion, and my friends sometimes help me maintain the site.

Most of the specialized stuff you will find in the sub-sites. Upta Datel is where you'll find updates for sites in general, with more specific updates noted in the actual subsites. You'll also find my *grin* hobbies on this page...

Upta Datel Update! (sorry, not Episode)

. . . . . We're still here . . . . .

Current Projects:
  1. Life (sigh)
  2. Site Revamp

    (Temporarily Suspended)

  3. Functional version of Warped Crossings
  4. FI RPG comic adaptation
  5. SVT Card Game

January 26, 2010: Sorry for the MIA
Wow. It has been quite some time since I got back here. As many of you might already be able to guess or know, life's been catching up with quite a few people lately, and just been keeping mine all around busy. I myself am out of college, but not yet able to pin down my ideal job, or even a suitable one. Very hard to dig up an art teacher job when that's the first area of the budget cut when schools are pressed for me (blasted math/science obsessed government and sports-crazed southeast).

Hanging on in there, though, and hopefully I should be able to get in and do some major revamping of the sites. For now, I think everything will just be consolodated down into the ones I've already got developed, and new stuff will have to wait until I've got them fully overhauled and checked out for any coding issues from Angelfire. If you're still visiting, keep on coming. Might get slow sometimes, but I'm always still here. Seeya soon ;)

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