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Diablo is one of my good friends this is in memory of his old guilds. Shamsiel "Owns Renegades". Speaks for itself. Yoshi turns out to be a pretty good guy, at first he talked about how he would own me, but he later apologized, I respect him for that.
The spar just before scalper and I became allies. True dark assassins leader goes down... ansee before NBK  
As he runs to get life. He says he owns me too, ah well.   What can I say it's an Assassin Well he talked trash I beat him, and then he mocked me beating him... Newbie anyone?
This is just about classic a must see.. Thought we were friends turns out we weren't he did own me as you will see on the next page...    
First time I fought Cham when we were at war. Have you heard of this guild?    
National GP convention brought to you by hackers corp. Chaos is born in graal. Graal is over run with gp look alikes. Now if this guy isn't a newbie in disguise, he starts attacking me and the person I am sparring right in the middle of a spar... There is a great warrior for you.. (He died because of it)

Definitions: Respected is someone who is considered a good fighter, or is a leader, or for one reason or another has had their picture taken because it is an "achievement" to defeat them, or we are neutral with the person and they were fought as a trophy kill, who is respected for the fight, or perhaps the position they hold etc. etc.

Enemies are not always people TCN is at war with, it can also be people who are just hated or talk trash and were beat. A picture in this category will not typically have a description below it, because you only get into this category for talking trash, or being dislike, it is pretty self explanatory.

Miscellaneous pictures that do not fit into any category it may be a screen shot of something interesting, or funny, etc.



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