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Continously recording for more than a decade now, ROB ROCK begun his career as the drummer of the band "TANGRAM".   Later on, he became the lead vocalist of "THE ROBERT ALLAN BAND".  

In 1983, Rob Rock and Chris Impellitteri toured throughout the Northeast in the United States of America in the band " VICE".  

With the release of  "MARS - PROJECT DRIVER" in  1986.   It proved to be the foundation for all his efforts thereafter.  The album was recorded with TOMMY ALBRIDGE, RUDY SARZO,  and TONY MACALPINE.

In 1987, Guitarist-extraordinaire CHRIS IMPELLITTERI and ROB ROCK released the first IMPELLITTERI EP with  LONI SILVA under
Polytour Records.

After M.A.R.S broke-up, ROB ROCK joined guitarist JOSHUA PERAHIA to complete the band JOSHUA and released the album "INTENSE DEFENSE" in 1988.


As a favor to KEN TAMPLIN, ROB ROCK recorded an album with DENNIS CAMERON's ANGELICA  in 1989.


ROB ROCK left JOSHUA and together with ROY Z went in to form Rob's own band  DRIVER  in 1990.

As a vocal-sessionist, one of his notable work is with AXEL RUDI PELL's  "NASTY  REPUTATION"  in 1991.

ROB ROCK finally rejoined CHRIS IMPELLITTERI in 1991.  As of date  Seven Impellitteri Cd's were recorded: GRIN AND BEAR IT in 1992; VICTIM OF THE SYSTEM in 1993; ANSWER TO THE MASTER in 1994; SCREAMING SYMPHONY in 1996; FUEL FOR THE FIRE in 1997; and EYE OF THE HURRICANE in 1997.

ROB ROCK's achievements and notable works which produced numerous record releases  within a period of 12 years is highly commendable  and judging his works, ROB ROCK is without a doubt the greatest vocalist in the land.   And through the 80's and 90's ROB ROCK helped define the very best of Heavy Metal.   Fans and Friends are joyed to have been part of this great legacy.

What truly differentiates ROB from the rest of the rock icons is his deep sense of humility and sincerity in dealing with people.

We held his friendship in high esteem.   A great individual worthy to be emulated.   A Man of God with a heart  for JESUS CHRIST and for everyone.

God bless you Rob!

Atty. Charlie L. Yap 
October 18 , 1998



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