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Impellitteri's self-titled debut project "Impellitteri" was recorded for Polytour Records in 1987.  The band's line up was Rob Rock on lead vocals, Chris Impellitteri playing all guitars and drummer Loni Silva.  The black EP was a studio project.  Chris and Rob knew each other from back east in the band "Vice".  Chris wanted to record a demo to shop around to the labels in L.A. and asked Rob to make the record. Chris put that demo out on his own label while looking for a deal and Rob was looking for a band situation.  Rob joined the band "Joshua" shortly after those sessions.

1988 was a very transitional year as Chris Impellitteri got signed to Relativity Records.  Relativity Records decided to put a group together for Chris and recruited Chuck Wright (bass), Pat Torpey (drums), Phil Wolfe (keyboards), and Graham Bonnet (vocals).  The band recorded the album "Stand in Line".

Shortly after the release of "Stand in Line", Chris Impellitteri embarked on his project - "Speed Soloing" video released in 1989 under REH video.  This video is a totally great instructional video that deserves mega attention.

Impellitteri signed a recording contract with JVC-Victor Entertanment Inc., Tokyo, Japan to take their act to a national and international level. Before the recording of the album "Grin and Bear it" in 1991, a major change occured in the band's line up.  Rob Rock rejoined the band and added Ken Mary on drums.

In 1993, "Victim of the System" was released.  The band recruited bassist James Amelio Pulli to replace Chuck Wright and along with the band's studio drummer Ken Mary came Mark Bistany during the studio production of the album.

The band's next project "Answer to the Master" in 1994 was an album that would become a landmark release in the music industry worldwide.  Professional keyboards player Edward Harris Roth joined the band at the beginning of the "Answer to the Master" tour.

Four albums were released during this period with Ed Roth joining the band in the studio at the beginning of the "Screaming Symphony" in 1996.  Glen Sobel is the band's regular drummer.

         On September 27, 1998, IMPELLITTERI was first heard over the Philippine Radio through  DWXY-FM  Bigsound 100.5’s historic interview of ROB ROCK which was aired for 3 hours.   It was sometime on October 1998 that THE ROCK- IMPELLITTERI ADVOCACY (TRIAd) was conceived in support of Rob Rock & the band serving as support group based in the Philippines whose goal is to network easily with other Rob Rock & Impellitteri's supporters/friends around the world, to provide a common venue where all supporters/friends can freely share informations, latest news and other Impellitteri related matters.  On  November 1998 GALAXY  RECORDS finally announced the first Philippine release of  "IMPELLITTERI “EYE OF THE HURRICANE” followed by two (2)  other successful radio promos made by CAMPUS RADIO FM  and BIGSOUND 100.5 FM.  The single “ON & ON” was the first major hit song of the band.  Years later, it was decided that the site be re-titled as "METAL FROM THE ROCK" taking into notice the departure of Rob Rock from the band.

      A great portion of this homepage owes it’s existence from the efforts of people who unselfishly contributed in one way or the other. 

     To my lovely wife Cherry Anne and my son William Tyndale, who are considered a bed rock of support And inspiration in every step of the way; 

      To Marc Moore, Alex Villanueva, Dr. Frederick Nastor and Roger Cabauatan, for your prayers, who are always ready, willing and able to help; 

      To Melchor S. Bulauan, for seeing the author through his works; 

     To my Beloved Parents and family, who through years have guided and inspired me towards God's excellence; 

      To Leo Mayormita of Galaxy Records, for releasing “Eye of the Hurricane” and for your generosity; 

      To Pastor Philip Pattaguan & The Bulauan family of Soulwinners for Christ Fellowship, for their prayers; 

     To Pastor Jonathan Bocobo, Pastor Ross Rosuello and all my friends at Victory Christian Fellowship

      To Van Murphy & Al Macarubbo of Campus Radio and  Big Rey & Goodfriend Godffrey of DWXY FM, for helping the webmaster promote the band; 

      To  for the artwork layout and design; 

     To Stryper ,Whitecross, Guardian, Barren Cross, Bloodgood, Lanny Cordola, Red Sea & Rage of Angels  for all those great albums; 

     To ROB and SUSANNAH ROCK,  This   site  is  your’s  as  much   as  it is mine, your success is always prayed for; and Finally, to the ALMIGHTY  ETERNAL  ROCK- JESUS  CHRIST the benevolent hand that shaped this  Humble creation into being.  We offer this site to Him in whose name and for whose glory it has been made

Thank you. 

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