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(L-R): Ed , Rob, Chris, James & Glen.


CHRIS IMPELLITTERI is an accomplished guitarist, songwriter and a respected producer having produced all highly acclaimed Impellitteri albums except the 1987 black EP produced by Mike Davis. Impressed with Chris' technique, CBS-SONY invited him to open it's 20th anniversary party at the 65,000 seat Tokyo Dome. Chris literally revolutionized heavy metal scene with his unprecedented brand of unique, explosive, intense guitar playing. Chris also appeared in the House of Lord's "Sahara" album and the "Dragon Attack" tribute to Queen album

ROB ROCK is a seasoned vocalist, whose electrifying gut-level singing burned this band's name into the brains of metalheads all over the world and Rob's superb songwriting capabilities sets the record straight on where his interests lie-heavy metal with incredible melodies and perfect sonics. Bassist James Amelio Pulli said "I got chills listening to Rob sing. Rob always gives his all whether it's live, studio, or just rehearsals." Rob recorded numerous studio albums with a number of great guitarists including Joshua Perahia (Joshua), Dennis Cameron (Angelica), Tony MacAlpine (M.A.R.S), Roy Z (Driver), and Axel Rudi Pell. Rob Rock soars out songs with high energy, knee-bending, hand-shaking, head-twisting, heavy metal music with the power and glory of God.

EDWARD HARRIS ROTH As far as keyboardist Ed is concerned, his track record will speak for itself. He toured with Steelheart, Marc Bonilla, REO Speedwagon's Gary Richrath, Ras Midas and Fates Warning to date. Ed has been featured on several recordings including Brain Targuin, Royal Court of China and Marc Bonilla. Edward Harris Roth also contributed to the soundtrack of "Honey I shrunk the kids", "Parent Trap III", "Hard Times on Planet Earth" and "Dangerous Love". His album "Edward Harris Roth" under J.Bird Records was released on 1998.
JAMES AMELIO PULLI is a World Class bass player who has spent most of his life in the music scene and knows how to lay down an excellent heavy grove and play it extremely fast and excellent. James grew up in Pennsylvania, USA and started out in a band when he was 13. James played in many bands in the East Coast and later on move in Los Angeles with Jimmy DeGrasso (drummer for Y & T, Alice Cooper, Suicidal Tendencies) and began helping out other bands that needed a bass player to record. During this period Chris and Rob were putting together a new band and James heard about it and sent in a package to their management company and got a live audition with them. He is experimenting with a Rob Allen 5-string fretless bass and spend a lot of his time writing songs on classical guitar. James energy and creative style unleash an authority that demands attention.

GLEN SOBEL played drums and toured with Matt Bissonette, Scott Van Zen(Ken Tamplin), Bruce Kulick (Kiss), Paul Shortino (Quiet Riot), Lanny Cordola, James Christian (House of Lords), Jean Michele Byron (Toto), Kip Winger, and believe it or not, Cliff Rehrig of Air Supply. Among Glens recording credit to date includes Saga, Gary Hoey, Tony MacAlpine and Tribal Rage. Glen Sobel is indeed phenomenal. Glen Sobel will be recording the drums early May 1999 for the Impellitteri new album "Crunch".

KEN MARY worked as a session musician for well-known artists including Lanny Cordola, Magdallan, Ken Tamplin, House of Lords, Alice Cooper, Chastain but throws down sticks and take a hold of the center mike in the band "Soul Shock Remedy". Ken appeared in six (6) Impellitteri CD's to date. Ken Mary is also a worship leader at his church in Fountain Hills, Arizona.


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