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More Rob Rock releases:


"Rage of Creation" features an impressive cast of musicians including guitarist Roy Z (ex-Driver, Bruce Dickinson, Tribe of Gypsies), drummer Reynold Carlson (ex-Jag Panzer, Driver, Joey Tafolla), bassist Ray Burke (Life after death), guitarist  Jake E. Lee (former Ozzy Osbourne, Badlands) and Gregory Analla (of Tribe of Gypsies) on Backing Vocals. 


The Randy Rhoads tribute album came out on February 24, 2000 in Japan under Warner Bros. Records.  Rob Rock  does  the lead vocals for "Goodbye to Romance" (a track from Ozzy's classic debut Blizzard Of Ozz) with Roy  Z on guitar and "S.A.T.O" with Chet Thompson (of Hellion) on guitar.  Chet Thompson was a private student  of Randy Rhoads himself.   Michael Cartellone of Damn Yankees played drums in the record.  Randy Rhoads tribute album was  put together by legendary producer Michael Wagener.    

The Metal Opera
(AFM CD 040-2) 

Rob Rock sings the part of the "Bishop" on the songs, "The Glory of Rome" and "Sign of the Cross".  The album is scheduled for release on January 22, 2001. 

The Code Of Life
(NB 0601) 

The new Warrior "The Code Of Life" album is coming out in February or March 2001 on Nuclear Blast Records.  Joe Floyd of Warrior asked Rob Rock to help him write and record the new Warrior album after helping Roy Z and Rob Rock mix the "Rage Of Creation" album.   It's a heavier darker album and Rob Rock sing harder like he did on his 1986 M.A.R.S. Project Driver album. 


In the year 2003, Rob Rock has stepped out on his own again to forward his solo career with his amazing 2nd album called "Eyes of Eternity".  Produced and co-written by his long-time friend Roy Z, who has produced Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden), Rob Halford (Judas Priest) and Helloween's album, "Eyes of Eternity" is receiving rave reviews and accolades as the "ultimate hard rock album of the year".

Any Impellitteri album release is always big news, so it comes as no surprise that Galaxy Records  released "Crunch" after the band make a very strong statement in "Screaming Symphony" and "Eye of the Hurricane" album. "Eye of the Hurricane" is the first Impellitteri release in the Republic of the Philippines.  This outstanding release features 11 new tracks of pure melodic metal.   Includes the blistering title track and the highly acclaimed ballad "On and On".  This is the most diverse album yet from Impellitteri and has received highest praise throughout Asia.  After the successful and impressive performance of the album in the local market, Rob Rock's new solo album will definitely rock the market!

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Joshua is one of the most promising bands ever to emerge in christian metal.  RCA-BMG apparently felt the same way, they picked "Intense Defense" in 1988 for mainstream distribution.  This album was recorded at Dierks Studio's in Germany and is indeed a treasure of powerful hard rock melodic tunes.  The album includes Reach Up, I've been    waiting,  Only Yesterday, Crying out for Love, Living on the Edge,  Tearing  at   my   Heart, remembering You, Look to the Sky, Don't you know and Stand Alone.

Joshua is Joshua Perahia on all guitars, Rob Rock on vocals, Emil Lech on bass, Greg Shult on keyboards, Tim Gehrt on drums.

Joshua Perahia's new band  is MPire

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Hailing from the town of Renfrew, a small community in the northeast region of Ontario, canadian-born guitarist Dennis Cameron first appeared on the Christian music scene with 'Angelica' , his 1989 debut release on Intense Records with Rob Rock handling vocals, Robert Pallen on bass, and Scott Ernest on drums.  The album was produced by Dennis Cameron.   Engineered by Dave Jahnsen and Eric Kibby.  Mastered by John Matousek.   Features songs like the melodic "Shine on me" and the powerful "Are you satisfied".  Dennis Cameron is an accomplished guitarist and songwriter in the neo-classical veign with a penchant for commercial hooks.  'Angelica' was a studio "favor" Rob did for his friend Ken Tamplin.  Rob Rock was there for 8 hours and recorded the lead vocals.

M.A.R.S. Attack!

These excellent professional players sessions are heralded as one of the most important release in the music history.  A masterpiece of hard power-driving neo-classical rock with Tony MacAlpine(guitars/keyboards),Tommy Aldridge(drums), Rudy Sarzo(bass), and Rob Rock (vocals).  Rob made the album Project Driver in 1986 under Shrapnel Records.  After the session David Coverdale offered Rudy Sarzo and Tommy Aldridge to do the 1987 Whitesnake videos and tour and to also record the next Whitesnake album, "Slip of the Tongue".  Thus, you have the basic plot of the disintegration of M.A.R.S. Project Driver.

The Driver is Hot!

Driver is an awesome band that should have been signed for global distribution.  This EP is a great collection of melodic heavy metal tunes. The EP was a demo released in 1990. It includes:

I'm a Warrior
Heart's On Fire
Only Love Can Save Me Now
Fly Away
I Believe In Love
(A sixth song from these sessions, Tears that I cry, remains unreleased.)
"Warrior" was a song originally written by Rob Rock & Chris Impellitteri when they were writing songs for the original Impellitteri demo EP in 1987.
The song "Warrior" was also recorded by Rob's Driver (released on the Album Network Tune Up Unsigned #10 promotional CD, dated September 25, 1989, re-titled I'm a Warrior). In 1994, Rob Rock and Chris Impellitteri took the song with Impellitteri and they recorded it for their Answer To The Master album,under the title song "Warrior", out on JVC-Victor Entertainment, Japan and Music For Nations in Europe.

Driver is:
       Rob Rock : vocals
       Roy Z : guitar
      Emil Lech Brando : bass (ex-Joshua, etc.)
      Greg Shultz : keyboards (ex-Joshua)
      Butch Carlson : drums (ex-Sahara, Joey Tafolla.)

Warrior, Fly Away & I Believe In Love engineered and mixed by Mikey Davis.
Heart's On Fire, Only Love Can Save Me Now (& presumably Tears that I cry) produced, mixed, and
engineered by Paul Sabu. Executive Producer was Holly Thrasher.

The Rock Cries out in Germany!

Rob Rock recall his memorable experience with guitar great Axel Rudi Pell during the recording of the album Nasty Reputation"in 1991: ""When I was recording with Axel Rudi Pell in Germany. That album  I flew over there as a studio musician to sing for Axel, he said "go for  it man, do what you want to do, we don’t care what you do, just do what you want to do" so I would come in everyday I was there for like 10 days, and I would listen to the tracks they recorded and then I would go out to the kitchen of the studio. I would write lyrics like 4 to 5 hours then we would go out to dinner and after dinner I come back and I would sing the song like 10-o’clock at night and I would sing the song only 3 to 4 hours, that I would give it everything I have and do it in my own way and those guys when I look to the glass and see them at the board they were yelling and screaming, they are so happy. To me is a great memory in my mind, they are so excited about the performance. "


Impellitteri is James Pulli, Ed Roth, Chris Impellitteri, Glen Sobel & Rob Rock.

The Early Rob Rock days!


Songwriter, musician, performer, Rob Rock has spent more than a decade working to make a positive difference from within the world of music.   Rob Rock recorded and toured throughout the eighties, including TANGRAM, THE ROBERT ALLAN BAND,  VICE . . .the list goes on and on and on!

Rob Rock on stage with The Robert Allan Band.

Rob behind the drums in band "TANGRAM".

The early "DRIVER" band.


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