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Our Link Page

With this page, you will be able to contact any of the ministries and advertisers that are on this station if they have a web site or an e-mail address. We hope that you will find this page helpful. When you contact these wonderful people, please don't forget to mention to them that you heard them on WOTR-FM. We are now putting links to other sites that we feel are Family Friendly or that will help you in your daily spiritual walk with Christ.

Here is a link to a site called "Kids in mind" . If you want to find out if a movie is good to take the children to or if you are just wondering if you should go to it yourself, check them out.

Christian links to for our Radio station.
Ministry Link
Adventures in Odyssey Adventures in Odyssey
The Alternative with Tony Evans The Alternative
Billy Graham Crusades Billy Graham
Christian Financial Concepts CFC
Childrens Bible Hour Childrens Bible Hour
Dave Breese Dave Breese
Focus on the Family

Focus on the Family

Gateway to Joy Gateway to Joy
Insights For Living Insights For Living
In Touch with Charles Stanley In Touch
Make it Clear Ministries Make it clear
Point of View Point of View
Unshackled Unshackled

Please check back with us.