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Interview with Pierre "The Beast" Vachon

JM: Thank you for your time to do this interview, first question, I assume the The Famous Vachon family influenced you to become a wrestler, is that correct?

PV: Well my father is Paul "the Butcher" Vachon. So yes I guess the answer would be to that question.

JM: who trained you and what the training was like?

PV: besides Paul being a mentor Gino Martino is was my full out trainer. He was rough, and made me understand truly that to make it in wrestling not only do you have to be entertaining, but you also have to tough as nails.

JM: Your a big Guy, how does your smaller opponents fair against you?

PV: The wrestling business in some ways has changed to the world of smaller guys. Super heavyweights are not as common as they once were. Smaller guys may be faster, but usually only takes a few shots from me when I catch them to lay them out.

JM: Your also big in Hard-core Matches, what do you think about the overall effect hard-core wrestling has had on the business?

PV: Let me correct you here if I may. I have been booked in many hardcore matches over the years because I have a huge threshold for pain, BUT I assure you I can mix it up with technical guys as well..no chairs needed. I just tend to be more sadistic. As far as what it has done to the business..well no matter what people say hardcore has been around for a long long time in different forms..I can show you posters from the 60's and 70's with matches between Edward Carpatier and Killer Kiwalski labelled as "death matches". We call it hardcore now, but way back when it was called "street fights" or "bunk house brawls". So nothing has changed for the most part.

JM: What are some of the greatest Highlights of your Career?

PV: I would say working with Gino Martino, King Kong Bundy,the Sandman, Tony Atlas..my highlights are really any time I can get in the ring and entertain a crowd.

JM: Name Game

Abyss- new face of big man wrestling
Paul Vachon- A true mind for wrestling
Luna Vachon- my crazy sister..a real women's wrestler
Gino Martino- Mentor and one of the toughest men alive!
Maxx Burton- Creative force in indy wrestling
JP Black- a great veteran and a great talent
Alexandra- A growing prospect in women's wrestling
King Kong Bundy- One of the best big men for entertainment
Abdullah The Butcher- My dream opponent (someone book it!)

JM: what were some of the greatest matches any of the vachons have had that stood out the most to you?

PV: I would say seeing my Uncle Mad dog and Abdullah was always intense, and watching my dad face Andre The Giant

JM: Can you give us a couple interesting road stories?

PV: I will throw you my favorite from some time ago: I was working a show in Ontario, and needless to say the promoter was shady at best. After my match the promoter told my group of guys he couldn't pay us. I was mad but went to get changed. All of the sudden I hear someone yell "BEAST HURRY UP AND GET TO THE VAN!" I had no idea what was going on so I ran to the van..well in the van is one of the ring posts, and the guys are yelling at me to drive. So I am flying down the 401 in my van with 5 guys and a ring post hanging out the back heading back to VT. my buddies phone rings and he says "YEAH WE HAVE YOUR RING POST, AND IF YOU DON'T PAY BEAST IS BRINGING IT BACK TO VT" (how I would explain to the border I stole a ring post I have no idea) 10 minutes later the promoter calls and tells us to come back he has our money. We head back and get paid and as we leave the promoter says "hey do you have contact for the guys that left before you because they stole the ring ropes!"

JM: Is there anything you would change about wrestling today if you took charge?

PV: I would bring back more story and less about how many moves you can hit in 5 minutes. Wrestling at it's base is about good vs. evil..now the occasional spot fest match is ok, but I wish guys today would learn more about being a worker and not just a wrestler. A wrestler is a guy who can execute moves and make them look good, but a worker to me is a guy who can make a MATCH look good no matter what moves he uses.

JM: Do you see yourself in the WWE or TNA in the near Future?

PV: Right now I am focusing on overseas and other countries, but as they say anything can happen!

JM: What advice do you have for young men like me who dream of becoming a pro wrestler?

PV; Remember to think what it is you really want in wrestling..get trained and expect rejection and injuries, but if you love it after all the BS you will go through..you were meant to be a wrestler so keep plugging along.

JM: Closing Thoughts?

PV: I just want to thank all my fans, and I will have news of my network TV debut coming soon..so keep bleeding!

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Quick Highlights

--Debut: 2003

--Appeared as a guest on A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila

Interviewer: John Mikels
Interview Date: May 1, 2008

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