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Interview with "The Mighty" Fronz Roddy

JM: You were born in Austria, when did you move to the US and when did you get into professional wrestling?

FR: I moved to the US when I was very little, like 8. My father was an American Navy officer and spent some time in Austria, which is how he met my mother. When my mother and I moved to America to be with my father, I spent a lot of time watching wrestling on TV with my American grand-father, who was a big fan. I dreamed about someday being as successful and famous as these athletes I was seeing on TV. As soon as I finished high school I began training with some local wrestlers who I had come to know socially. I was a very quick learner and had my first match after only a few months.

JM: Being you are Austrian, and everyone knows that Governor Arnold is from there, are you a fan of body building?

FR: I'm a big fan of body building. Mr. Schwarzenneger has become a big inspiration to me over the years, and I think that I'm close to surpassing his physique when he was at his peak. Body building has also been a key component to my success that I've had in wrestling. It's easier to win matches when you're the best athlete in the ring.

JM: Where did you train to wrestle?

FR: Mostly in my hometown in America, but I did spend some time back in Austria with some legends like the Schlesnik Brothers and Ivanoff the Terrible.

JM: What other promotions have you worked for?

FR: In America, I have wrestled for APCW in RI, and several promotions in VT, such as SAW, Grapple Master Wrestling, and the defunct NWA Green Mountain. My goal is to slowly conquer the northeast before moving on to other areas of the US.

JM: You currently hold the In Your Face Wrestling Championship, a promotion out of the Northeast. What other titles have you held and who were your toughest challengers?

FR: Besides the title of Austria's Favorite Son, I have held several titles in VT, such as the NWA GM TV and Tag Team championship, as well as the SAW TV and Tag Team championship. I also hold the record for the longest undefeated streak in SAW history, which will probably never be beat. I've had some grueling feuds with the likes of "Movie Star" Michael Monroe and The Bull, but probably one of my most heated of all is with Pierre "The Beast" Vachon. In every promotion I've wrestled in, he shows up and wants to start trouble with me. We've had hardcore rules matches, blind-fold matches, even an arm-wrestling match. One of these days I promise I will put him out of wrestling for good.

JM: Would you want to wrestle in the WWE or TNA?

FR: Well, first of all, no one in either one of those promotions would want to wrestle me, cause they all know that my name is Fronz, and it is the chilling sound of doom. But if I was in the WWE, I would love to wrestle someone like Triple H or John Cena, just to prove that unlike them, I have a great physique AND am unmatched in wrestling talent. I think I would get along good with this Chris Masters guy. If I was in TNA, I would want to wrestle Consequences Creed. Anyone that in love with America deserves a Mighty beating. I would also love to wrestle Traci Brooks. The things I would do...

JM: Coming up on October 10th you are being challenged by Drake Evans for your IYFW title. What are your thoughts on your previous match with him from June where you were disqualified and retained the title?

FR: Ah yes, Drake Evans. Another nemesis of mine, and one of my most heated rivals. This guy Evans doesn't know when to leave well enough alone. He's always complaining to the IYFW offices to give him a match with me for the title. He got his chance, and he didn't get the job done. Boo hoo. Get over it. I did get DQ'd in our match in June, but it was not intentional. You see, I was sweating pretty bad because of how hot it was in the building, plus I had a fever with a temperature of at least 105, so some sweat got in my eyes, and for a moment I thought referee Adam Brunton was Evans, so I of course retaliated, and knocked him out. I felt very bad when I found out that I knocked the referee out instead of Evans. I won't make that mistake again. Nevertheless, Drake finally got his shot at me, but I'm still the champ. Justice is served.

JM: You front a group called “The Axis.” Who are these men and do you plan on adding anymore to your group?

FR: The Axis is a group of individuals with one thing in common; we're all foreigners with one common goal, to take over IYFW (we're the inspiration for that group in TNA). We have Good Lord Willing, who is from England. Al Jihad from the middle east, with his tag team partner and our financial backer, Scott Scarsdale. Myself from Austria. And Mackie Schrody, from New Jersey. We are the cream of the crop and the best in IYFW, so there aren't many who are qualified to be considered to join.

JM: Who would be your dream opponent, someone from the past?

FR: I would love to beat up Dusty Rhodes. He really was the American Dream, he embodied America, and America is fat, slobbish, and smelly.

JM: If you were not in professional wrestling, what would you be doing now?

FR: I would probably be owning and operating my own gym. unfortunately, I probably wouldn't get much business in the US as most Americans would rather sit on their butts and gain weight rather than exercise and get in shape.

JM: We will now do a word association. You give us the first thought that comes to you.

Drake Evans?
Cry baby


Maxx Burton?
Is in for a hurton.

The Axis?

Myzery The Barbarian?
Isn't he in those Geico commercials? "So easy Myzery the Barbarian can do it?"

The Northern Studd?
I respect the guy.

“The Hardcore Cowgirl” Alexandra?
I think she has an eye on the Roddy-Body.

Pierre “The Beast” Vachon?
Big and nasty, and no class.

Payne The Hellraiser?
Could come in handy if the Axis ever needed a monster like him.

Randy Orton?
Legend Killer? Maybe, but he's not MIGHTY.

AJ Styles?
Not the most intimidating guy, is he?

Traci Brooks?
Mrs. Fronz Roddy.

Desired Axis member.

Mickie James?
Cute, but annoying voice.

JM: What are some of the greatest Highlights of your Career?

FR: My undefeated streak in SAW and winning the IYFW Championship.

JM: Any Interesting stories?

FR: Maybe when I write my autobiography I'll tell some interesting stories, but people will have to pay money to hear them then, I'm not about to start giving out freebies.

JM: What advice do you have for young men like myself who dream of becoming a pro wrestler?

FR: Get trained, and be patient. It takes a long time to get good. I learned fast and became good quick, but that's because I'm exceptional. Also to work on your cardio and exercise daily. You can't wrestle if you're out of breath getting in the ring.

JM: Closing Thoughts?

FR: I hope this little interview will inspire and motivate people to be the best at what they do, much like I am the best at what I do. And what I do is be Mighty.

JM: Thank you Fronz for your time and good luck on October 10th at IYFW’s “Season 3: Rising Spirits of Madness.”

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Quick Highlights

---Debut: 2003

---Has worked for In Your Face Wrestling (IYFW), Slam All Star Wrestling (SAW)

Interviewer: John Mikels
Interview date: August 31, 2009

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