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Picture from Dylan's Myspace

JM: How long have you been in the Music Biz?

DM: I personally have been making electronic music for about 4 and a half years, The Control alt. delete project is about 3 years old.

JM: You Call it Experimental Music, What's the difference with Techno Music

DM: A lot of people ask me that. And they usually try to connect with the Rave scene but me and Brain are anything but. The Main difference is that our music isn't the typical 4-4 dance music, there's a lot more depth, I believe me and him have created something new

JM: Where did you and Brian come up with the Name the Clt. Alt. Delete Project

DP: I wish I could say there is a great fundamental meaning and the story to the name, but there isn't.

JM: Any Up coming shows you want to mention

DM: Being were working on a new album as well as our solo projects it's hard to tell, but I'll let you know, we may have a few shows in Morgantown WV

JM: Your not a big fan of Hip Hop but there is talk in the future that The Control Alt Delete Project might feature hip hop vocals and producers for the self titled album as well as other calibration projects dealing with hip hop?

DM: Yeah I'm not a big fan of that genre but can't hold back ideas like that, I think The Way me and Brian structure our songs this may be ground breaking.

JM: The Names of the songs on your latest Album all have titles including Scars, Alone, Advent, and etc.
Does all the songs you and Brian make based on both of your personal lives?

DM: No, the songs are impersonal, the words represent the sound as a whole. For example "discontinued Psyche" one of the weird ones, we finished it and listened to it and the name kind of just came out.

JM: Your Band has been recently picked up for a review in a Goth magazine, how did this go about?

DM: Well, I don't know too much about it right now but she got Dahl of me on the web site. I guess we'll see how it turns out?

JM: The Clt Alt Delete project is not just experiencing music but actual projects in the future for us local fans---What do you guys have in store for us in the future?

DM: Our First CD has no vocals, we're changing that with new material.
We're getting guest vocalist as well as me and Brian plan on doing vocals. Also we plan on incorporating guitars for the first time.

JM: You Recently dropped out of a deal with an indy movie to make music for them---why's that?

DM: Without offending the director who is a friend of mine. I just wasn't liking the way he was going about the whole thing. I believe the sound design and score for the kind of movie he was doing is important.
He didn't, that was that

JM: How did you and Brian get together on this and start this Band?

DM: Me and Brian go Pretty far back, a lot longer than we've been making Music. I couldn't tell you the exact date but me and him got together in Oakland, PA for a mental show which isn't my thing but he likes it. I told him about the music I was doing which was nothing like the TCADP at the time. And he said he'll try it out

JM: Any Interesting stories in the Music Biz?

DM: Well...were playing a show at the Parana Club at the strip down town which was great show all and all. but when me and Brian are on stage we jumped around a whole lot. And Well, Bri jumped around a little too much this time, He ended up knocking over half the equipment. I was a bit drunk at the time so I kind of kept it calm but Bri screamed "FUCK!" as it all came tumbling down. But we recovered and finished the set. In some way, I believe Bri's fuck up helped us that night.

JM: Any Regrets?

DM: Not yet

JM: When do we plan on seeing a Music video of TCADP on MTV or VH1

DM: Were already in the top ten on VH1 (Just Joking)

JM: Any thoughts on making a Documentary film behind the scenes w/TCADP

DM: I've Thought about that a lot actually, I'd like to release a live DVD sometime and of course it'll have behind the scenes on it

JM: Does TCADP have a web site?

DM: Oh yeah of course, http://www.myspace.com/oppositesattractpgh

JM: What are some of your greatest highlights

DM: We'll, we opened for "Pigface" at Mr. Smalls wick was cool and we headlined a show at the rex

JM: What or who influence you to make music esp. how unique in a good way TCADP is

DM: I've always been influenced by Aphex twin, Skinny Puppy, Massive attack and even Enya. Brian's beat programing influences by Squarepusher and the harsh drum and bass artists. I think that's how the sound of TCADP is so different

JM: I already have my copy of the CD which made me a Big fan of your band but is there any info for the readers that want to order a CD?

DM: The First Printsof our first CD are sold but we plan on releasing the again. More than Likely you'll be able to get them Via the web site

JM: I figured I take a shot since this web site is basically all wrestling materials--who's your favorite wrestler?

DM: The Sandman of course

JM: Any Advice for young inspiring fans who want to be able to make music

DM: Some what, never hold back any idea's because you want to fit into a certain genre of music. And don't be too concerned with what everyone will think of your work, There's a scene in every Music form.

JM: Closing Thoughts?

DM: Stay connected our web site---new shit's on the way

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Quick Highlights

---Has opend up for Pig Face

--Produced and directed Insane Plan's theme song

Interviewer: John Mikels
Interview Date: Decemember 5, 2005

Official Websites:

---Dylan's Myspace

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