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Page for Beginners

How I got here!
Magickal Dictionary
Where Do I Start?
Basic Meditation!
Witches Almanac
Moon Correspondences and magick! A must for working spells with the moon!
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Hello. This site is here to help all of you new pagans out there who don't know what to do, or where to get help and advise from.

If this applies to you or if you just want to look around then click on the links below.

Can i recommend that you all read as many books as possible. The more books that you read the better. I will put some book reviews on for you at a later stage. But before i do i recommend Silver RavenWolfs range along with Scott Cunninghams books. To purchase books click on the amazon link above. Many are available at discount prices!!!! This section is being updated alot at the moment so please bare with me! Thanks Love Silver Birchwood