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Magickal Jargon


This page is designed to help you with all of the magickal terms that we use in Wicca. Wicca is like every other field which has its own terms. Take sport for example they have all sort of specialist words like leg before wicket etc. Wicca is just the same. I will keep adding to the list as I go on.

Adept: - An individual who through serious study and accomplishments is concidered highly proficient in A particular magickal system. However a person can be adept in candle magick but a faiture at kitchen magick etc.

Altar: - A special flat surface set aside exclusively for magickall workings or religious acknowedements.

Athame: - A cleanced and consecrated knife used in ritual workings by witches. It isn't used for any blood-letting and rarely used to cut anything on the material plane. it is mainly symbolic.

Book of Shadows: - A collection of information in a book form for a witch's reference. Much akin to a magickal cookbook. Another name for this text would be GRIMOIRE.

Coven: - A group of Witches that work together in an organisation fashion for positive magickal endeavors or to preform religious ceremonies.