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The Moon and its relationship with spell/magickal working!


This page is about the moon and its relationship with your magickal workings. The moon represents the goddess and the sun represents the god. The moons phases relates to the Goddess' progress and her power is represented through a story. For Example at a new moon the Goddess is born, at the second quarter the Goddess becomes a maiden maturing to a mother during the third quarteer and then grows old and wise as the Crone at the fourth Quarter. Then the Goddess finally begins to pass away as death approaches but she is then reborn at the time of a new moon.

As you can see the wiccan beliefs centres around the cycle of life and the changing and cycles of life. This is represented through the story of the eight pagan holidays where it tells the story of the Gods life and death and through the phases of the moon which tells the story of the Goddess. Its now time to understand what magick should be preformed during what phases!

The New Moon: - This is the time to do a spell for a new begining and a time to start a new project. You can also use it to bring things towards you like positive and success,

The Waxing Monn: - The time to build upon what you already have.

The Full Moon: - A perfect Time to do anything at all!!

The Waning Monn: - Time to finish a project and time to undo a spell

The Dark of the Monn (sometimes called the Balsamic Moon) Time to banish anything or a time to rest.

The Waxing and Waning of the moon.

If you need to remember which is waxing and which is the waning phase of the moon then remember this little rule! If the moon looks like a big "D" in the sky then the moon is Waxing as it is getting bigger. If the Moon looks like a "C" in the sky then the moon is Waning as it is getting smaller.