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Hello. I have decided to set up this site to help to inform every seeker out there on what Wicca is. I hope that this site will inform you on wicca and its beliefs.
This site has been inspired by my faceless friend Will who wants to find out more about Wicca and is stuck. So I dedicate this site to him as he is the motivation behind it.

Blessed be!

Silver BirchWood

This site is being updated continuely at the momment so please keep checking out this site for new updates.

This Site Was Created On 6th February 2002.

You are never too old to set another goal, or to dream another dream. By Will Beech.

Site Last Updated: - 3rd March 2003

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What is Wicca?
Daily Devotions
The Eight Pagan Holidays
Page for Beginners
Magickal Dictionary
Witches Almanac
Up and comming conferences!
A NEW FREE Pagan Newsletter!
Basic Meditation!
Moon Phases and Using the Moon Phases in your Magickal Workings
Book Reviews on the books you should have!
Links to some great magickal/pagan sites!
An Online Magickal/PaganShop!
A great sight of insperational sayings by my faceless friend Will
A great new site! Highly recomended. Please take a look!
A great selection of books for you to buy online. Check it out some great savings!!!!!!!!