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Basic Meditation

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Basic Meditation in Simple Steps

∑ Before you begin, find a quite place where you will not be disturbed. Put on simple natural music, which isnít too loud to put you off concentrating.

∑ Begin by closing your eyes and consciously relaxing your body.

∑ Breathe deeply- in on the count of four, out to the count of four approximately ten times.

∑ Let your mind slip into a semi conscious state.

∑ Believe that you are a fountain of sparkling blue light or a waterfall.

∑ The water or light comes from the top of your head and shoulders down your right side, swirls around your feet and comes back up the left side.

∑ Watch the flow of water from your third eye (which is just located in the middle of your forehead above the bridge in your nose).

∑ Donít panic if you cannot see anything straight away. The more you panic the less likely that it will happen and you will never be able to see it. It can take some people along time to meditate and relax.

∑ Do this for at least one full week before advancing onto opening your charkas.

∑ Finely enjoy!!!

Adapted by Silver Birchwood