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Apart from Faldon i have also come across a game called Tetrinet. Its a tetris like game but a lot beta than normal tetris itself. Download it and try it out urself. I also got some faldon stuff u can download. enjoy =)

Tetrinet Downloads

tnet113 - This is the normal version of tetrinet, its 390kb ziped, once its d/led just unzip into a folder and play. Some of the servers for tetrinet is "" and i forgot the rest =P

tnetbg - 18.8kb/ this is another background for tetrinet, it has got guild lines and stuff to help you. D/L it if you wanna play beta at it =)

Tetrifast - 176kb/ this is the fast version of tetrinet, i personally like playing this version in pure mode, just unzip into the tetrinet folder and play.

Faldon Downloads

Faldondrop - 7.68kb/ this i got from specs site, it tells you want monsters drop certain items.

Faldonutilities - 18.8kb/ This program allows you to set hotkeys and alot of other stuff, also from specs site =)

Mobedit - 22.3kb/ This program lets you see stats of monsters, i got all the information in my monsters page from this prog.

I'll add more d/ls in when i come across more stuff =)
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