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Hello, and WELCOME all to my site, as some on yous may know, this is my first Site so if it looks kinda crappy and shit, try to understand =)
Right now, im busy working on my Guest book, and i think its gonna take some time for me to work out how to put it in =P. If u know how to, plz tell me, coz i REALLI need some help. thx
Thx for visiting
Come back later to sign my guest book ok??
errrr.................. when its up that is ha

Hi all again, i have been very lazy these days. just playing faldon on the net all day =P so havent had much time to update. But i have managed to start on my faldon page and it should be fully ready in a few weeks time. But right now its onli half finished, but you could go check it out now, there is just some links that arent ready yet, and the monster and pre/suf page will be up soon. If u have n e info that can help or pics plz email thx.

yay i finally figured how to get a guestbook and hit counter haha =P
and i've done alot on faldon and pics page so check them out. And since that my guest book is up u can sign it now

ok, at last i have finished every page, i mean there is something in everypage you can look at now, and not the under construction pics hehe. I still havent put in the pre/suf page for faldon and thats about it. If you want me to add ur website into the links section plz tell me
thx =) oh btw i'll b putting more pics up also

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