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Here are some Pics of all my friends, both in NZ and Aussie. But n e how NZ still RULZZZ =P hehe (if n e one wants the email of some of my friends *hint hint* plz feel free to ask me hehe)

From left to right, Amy, Lisa and Wendy. Dunno if they are this pretty now thou hehe =P

Me and Mark (Aussie friend)

Anna from NZ =)

Lili and Amy

The left one is Mel, she doesnt lke ppl seeing her pic so thats y i put it on hehe =P
srry mel

Me, Newton, Mark. I had to cut me out coz i look veri bad in dis pic srry hehe =P

I'll put more up soon, if u dont want me to put a pic of u up tell me and i'll put more up hehe =P. Thx!

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