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I just made this web page just to help out some newbies who are having trouble with this COOL game.
Firstly for those that don't have Faldon yet click HERE to download it from illusion studios, I really recomend this game.

Newbie walkthrough
Skill points
Prefix and Suffix (not ready)

Move= Arow keys or number pad
Attack = Ctrl or left click on monster or player
Run= Hold SHIFT and directional button to run
Skill & Spell usage= Space bar or Right click or *
Shift+F4= Markets
F4= Mail
F2= Take Screen shot
F10= Exit
Stats can been seen on the last tab, each time you lvl you get 5 stats to add on to STR, DEF, CON, STAM, INT, MAG. It is very important to know whether you want to be a mage or warrior so you dont waste ur stats on things you don't need. For mages add to MAG and INT, magic is how fast your mana regains and INT+MAGERY is how much mana you actualy get. For warriors, add stats to STR and DEF, you dont need to add that much to DEF, adding some to that will just make it easier for you to equip items when you are at a higher lvl. But no matter if ur a mage or warrior remember to always add to STAM, becoz STAM+TACTICS = ur HP. And for CON, i wouldnt wrry too much about it, it just make ur HP regains faster. But it wouldnt be a bad idea to add it to this stat if you were a thief =P.

Right now you start off with just a robe and lantern i think, firstly talk to skeyln and he will show you where the rat spawn is. Once u find out go there and kill a few mouses. Dont worry about a weapon yet, just use ur hands to raise ur Martial Arts. Keep killing mouses till ur about lvl 5 and collect all the gold pieces they Once your around lvl 5 keep following the path to get to snake river. Here just lvl on snakes till about lvl 7-8 then go down south and you should find the radioactive snakes. They hit pretty hard so if u still cant kill them go back up and lvl on snakes a bit more. Once ur around this lvl u can start to get weapons. If you dont have enuf money to make potions to sell or lumberjack and sell it to other players. To make potions you need a mortar and pestle. You can get that from Wuville which is north east of snake river, they are 10gp each, you should have enuf gp from killing mouses. Then just go around collecting moonflowers and purple dandelions. Or if u want to chop wood instead just choose the lumberjack skill and rite click on the botton part of a tree and it should chop logs. 1000 logs can sell for about 50gp. Once you reach lvl 10 you can either join religion or go talk to skeyln again and he should give u the bone crusher quest. He askes you to go to Sir flanders, then Sir flanders askes u to go to his house and kill all the Giant rats there, once u kill them they drop items. Make sure to pick them all up, onec u have collected them all go back to sir flanders and he will give you a Bone Crusher. Equip it and get some decent armor then you can lvl on skeletons now. Skeleton spawn is East if town. You follow the path up from where u respawn then turn right when u see a block of houses on the right. Just follow the path right and you should see the cemetry. There is 3 there so be sure have some potions handy. It shouldnt be much of a problem with the bone crusher, it does twice the damge on undead. From here u should have no trouble lvling to 20. After 20 go below, there is a spawn with 3 skeletons and a shaman.

For the people who have played old faldon, it is very confusing at first, well now firstly there is 3 kinds of religion, UNDEAD,DRUID,PALADIN. To become any of the 3 you would have to be over lvl 10, you just go talk to Idol (undead), Druid tree (druid), Priest (paladin). Here is a MAP showing where they are. Once you to talk to them, you should become INITIATE, now all you have to do is go around asking players who have BELIEVER under there name to bestow you. But one player can't fully bestow you coz 1 player can onli bestow you 15%. Once you get to 100% you become a believer. Then you just go back to whoeva you talked to (idol,priest etc) and they would ask you to gather items for them to give you a spell.

Undead spells are all NECROMANCY, which includes Flaming arrow, Flame Wall & Flame Feet. The disadvantage of undead is that players in the game exo you a lot. So think twice b4 u join undead

Druid spells are all WIZARDRY, which includes Fireball, Summon wolf & Nature Shield. Disadvantage of druid is that you cant Lumberjack, Fish and mine.

Paladin spells are all THAUMALOGY, which includes Healing Wind, Exorcism, Dissapate, Holy Fire. Disadvantage of paladin is that you cannot pickpocket and become a thief.

Now when you start off, your name will be seen as the something PERSON, once you start using ur skills it will become novice, that is becoz ur skill points have risen. Once you reach a certain skill point lvl the name will change

If i have made mistakes on n e of the skill points or if u know when godly, novice etc is plz email me thx.
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