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We are a Drow roleplaying guild located on the Pacific shard of Ultima Online.

Qu'ellar Myrdaruk

Darkness, that is the world in which we live. We are the Drow, the masters of the Underdark. Eons ago, we once danced under the light of the sun and moon. We were once surfacers, once elves. A faction of evil, Lolth worshiping elves were banished to the depths of the earth by there good-aligned cousins. There in the lightless caverns they grew and taught themselves magic. Their skin was turned black as night and there hair white as spider silk as a reminder for the treachery they had commited. They grew and became strong. Although they could easily defeat there old time foes and reclaim the surface world, they no longer desired to walk among the trees. Their home was the Underdark, countless miles of caverns and tunnels deep in the earth. Ruled by powerful Matron Mothers the Drow grew and made countless raids on the surface world. They had reached a height of power and prestige.

~Verve dro l'ilythiiri~

Current News:
January 24th
The Drow of Qu'ellar Myrdaruk have opened their tavern, and continue to expand in the territory outside Trinsic. The Eighth Leg Tavern is open to Drow and their allies. Skara Brae has seen a slight reprieve in the past days, from the hordes that seek to raze the City. Chaos is being sown, and the Spider Queen looks on at the Qu'ellar with growing fascination. Many plans have been set in motion. Matron Ilynra seeks to expand the power of the Qu'ellar through war and worship of the Dark Mother. With the Yath growing, as well as the Melee-Magthere, Velkyn, and Sorcere, the Qu'ellar will soon become an ever stronger force to blight the lands under the sun.
Ilphrin has joined the Qu'ellar, a cunning and practical wizard in training. Valas, a young warrior, has also found a place within the House. Lhulae, a budding priestess in training, seeks to enter the Yath, now that she has joined with the House. In all, the Qu'ellar grows steadily, as we spin our web.
January 9th
Qu'ellar Myrdaruk has been thrust into war against Skara and their allies. The Order of the True Wolf has called upon the Rangers of Skara Brae, the Council of Nine, and others to come to the defense of Nu'jelm, Moonglow, and Skara. The Drow have made a number of raids against their forces, and the tide is turned to our favor. The Velkyn's dark goals under Ilharess Ilynra have been successful, and the new Qu'el'velguk, Orbdrin, has found his place. With Qu'ellar Myrdaruk's growing power, and the success of their agenda, the surface has a great threat to fear.
Last eve, a small ritual brought Sabrae Morloth, a new drow, under the Yath as a Yath'abban. G'deldrria, also a new drow, was entered into the Velkyn as a Qu'abban. Many others have also joined the house: Xune, a young spy and thief; Krondorl, a young mage; Nym and Nilonim, both brothers as well as warriors; and lastly another Duergar Slave. Lolth has found growing favor for our House. Be it Lolth's will, the surface shall quake before us.
December 19th
A meeting at the throne of Ilharess Ilynra, this eve. Much was discussed. The future stances of the House on allies and war. Lolth has blessed us with strength in arms and allies. With the Unseen Order, the City of the Damned, and the Orcs of Kor at our backs, no force can challenge us without threat. Our goal of Trinsic looms within grasp. The web is being spun, and soon we will ferret out the Thieves operations within the City, and move in to claim it. With Trinsic in our web, Britain, Skara Brae, and any enemies that stand against us will have a great threat. The House grows stronger each moon, with new Drow finding their way from the shadows.
Draeyn Ulviiryne, Fenril Mourn, Briza, Vul'uqua, and Ssin Shobalar, the former Matron of House Shobalar. Vul'uqua has proven himself with his skills in battle, and iron temperment and has already been accepted into the Melee-Magthere. Draeyn, Briza, and Fenril still have yet to work towards entering the Melee-Magthere. Ssin Shobalar has found the favor of Lolth, and soon will become a Yath'abban in study of our Dark Goddess.
Filraen was promoted this eve, to the title of Sut'rinos, a commander of the Melee-Magthere, directly under the Qu'el'saruk. A new Drada'quarthin shall soon be chosen among the Sargtlin.
November 11th
The ritual sacrifice of Brixie Shobalar, the heretical daughter of House Shobalar, was performed without interference. Despite the few drow in attendance, Lolth was pleased with the blood of the traitor. Yathtallar Letha carried out the ritual, with the aid of Irae, the newly promoted Yath'abban.
A few days prior, a Slave, by Ilynra's orders, was sold to a human slaver in Skara Brae. The slave was lead through the Skaran forest by a drow band, lead by Ssz'drin Viaxus, now a Sargtlin of the House. Why the Matron Mother sold the slave, is naut known to the most of the House.
Tulorn was accepted into the Velkyn, along with Felyndiira; both show great promise to aid the House in our goals. A new drow has also joined the ranks of the Qu'ellar Myrdaruk. Tanelyan Ousstyl will prove himself worthy to the House, and join a caste best suited to his skills. The Qu'ellar continues to grow stronger with each passing moon. Soon, Lolth's praises will be sung as we bathe the lands red.
November 3rd
Dark rites were spoken this eve, and a elven temple desecrated in the name of Lolth. The drow moved upon the temple and the ritual was done without interference. Earlier, the 'Dragon King' Elryc confronted the House and a battle ensued. Elryc and his whelps were driven back.
Two more Wanre have joined the House. Two warriors, Ssz'drin and Vorn. Both must train well and strive too become Sargtlin. Under the tutelage of the Qu'el'saruk and the Melee-Magthere, these two will soon become master bladesmen.

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