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Johann Jacob Lehmannís



Hannss Jacob Lehmann w/Margretha Scharr

         Jacob Martin Lehmann w/Anna Maria Metz

                  Hannss Jacob Lehmann

                  Hannss Noa Lehmann

                  Margretha Lehmann

                  Hannss Martin Lehmann w/Catharina Kraussen

                           Jacob Martin Lehmann w/Anna Maria Grimm

                                    Anna Marie Lehmann

                                    Maria Catharina Lehmann

                                    Christina Lehmann

                                    Georg Martin Lehmann

                                    Anne Marie Lehmann

                                    Georg Jacob Lehmann w/Christine Dorflinger

                                             Jacob Friedrich Lehmann

                                    Johann Martin Lehmann w/Eva Margaretha Kunzmann

                                             Eve Margarethe Lehmann

                                    Johannes Lehmann

                           Maria Lehmann h/Leopold Hemberle

                           Eva Lehmann

                           Georg Noa Lehmann

                           Hannss Noa Lehmann

                           Johannes Lehmann

                           Catharina Lehmann

                           Georg Adam Lehmann

                           Eva Catharina Lehmann h/Johann Joachim Ludwig

                                    Christine Ludwig

                                    Joachim Ludwig

                           Johann Friedrich Lehmann w/Anna Maria Munch

                                    Jacob Friedrich

                           Margretha Lehmann

                           Carl Lehmann

                  Margretha Barbara Lehmann

                  Anna Maria Lehmann h/Joseph Pfetcher

                           Anna Maria Pfetcher

                  Johann Michael Lehmann w/Eva Kunzmann

                           Maria Catharina Lehmann h/Christian Grimm

                                    Anna Maria Grimm

                           Johann Michael Lehmann w/Catharina Grimm

                                    George Friedrich Lehmann w/Christina Kieffer

                                             Christine Lehmann

                                             Georg Friedrich Lehmann

                                             Catharina Elisabetha Lehmann

                                             George Jacob Lehmann

                                             Elisabetha Catharina Lehmann

                                    Maria Catharina Lehmann h/Jacob Martin Eberhard

                                    Johann Martin Lehmann

                                    Johann Michael Lehmann w/Jacobine Burckhard

                                             Jacobine Lehmann

                                             Phillipine Catharine Lehmann

                                             Johann Michael Lehmann

                                             Jacob Friedrich Lehmann

                                    Georg Ulrich Lehmann

                                    Eve Elisabetha Lehmann

                                    Christine Lehmann

                                    Anne Marie Lehmann

                                    Johann Adam Lehmann

                                    Johann Jacob Lehmann

                                    Johann Philipp Lehmann

                                    Christian Lehmann

                           Eva Lehmann h/Johann Christoph Gerhardt

                                    Johann Christoph Gerhardt

                                    Jacob Friederich Gerhardt

                                    Johann Michael Gerhardt

                                    Bernhardt Gerhardt

                           Martin (Jung) Lehmann w/Christina Sophia Seuger

                                    Johann Martin Lehmann

                                    Christina Sophia Lehmann

                                    Eva Catharine Lehmann

                                    Friedrich Lehmann w/Eva Catharina Gierich

                                             Eva Catharina Lehmann

                                    Jacob Lehmann w/Margarethe Elisabethe Hofheinz

                                    George Martin Lehmann w/Catharina Agatha Metz

                                    Magdaline Lehmann

                                    Johannes Lehmann

                           Anna Maria Lehmann

                  Anna Margretha Lehmann w/Hannss Martin Hemperlin

                           Anna Maria Hemperlin

                           Hannss Martin Hemperlin

                           Eva Catharina Hemperlin

                           Sebastian Hemperlin

                           Margretha Hemperlin

                           Noa Hemperlin

         Margretha Barbara Lehmann

         Hannss Jacob Lehmann w/Anna Margretha Metz

                  Hannss Jacob Lehmann w/Anna Magdalena Hemperlin

                           Joachim Lorentz Lehmann w/Sarah Grooms

                                    Johann Jacob Lehmann

                                    Maria Eva Lehmann

                                    Christina Lehmann

                                    Magdalena Lehmann

                                    Michael Lehmann

                                    Catherine Lehmann

                                    Rebecca Lehmann

                                    Anna Maria Lehmann

                                    Adam Lehmann

                           Johann Adam Lehmann

                           Elizabeta Lehmann

                           Jacob Lehmann

                           Anton Lehmann

                  Hannss Michael Peter Lehmann

                  Abraham Lehmann

                  Hannss Joerg Lehmann

                  Catharina Margretha Lehmann

                  Martin Lehmann

            Hannss David Lehmann


The above early family tree was acquired by me from church records in Blankenloch, Germany. 

If you can assist with any information on any of the above family members it would be greatly appreciated.  However, I have more information on each of these family members and am willing to share with anyone interested.


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