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Photo Album


This photo is of the "original" Old Layman Cemetary on Joachim Lorentz Layman's homestead in Grayson Co., Kentucky.  In this copse of trees there are approximately 24 graves.  All the headstones have deteriorated beyond readability.



  James Abner Layman                                      James Abner's wife - Susan Jane Byers

Confederate in Civil War




        Anthony Layman                                               Anthony's wife, Rachael Kimble


George and Alice Campbell and Family



Nancy Mariah Layman, wife of                                       Lafayette (Lafe) Layman     

George Washington Harrison



  Wilbur Anthony Layman - Oklahoma                    George Ellis Layman - Missouri


Leander James Wilson and wife, Mary Layman


John Ward Layman of Pulaski Co., MO

John was a Confederate in the Civil War



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