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Revolutionary War Records for the Lehmann Boys


Revolutionary War Records

National Archives, Washington, D.C.










Services in the Revolution


Joachim Lehman of York Township, private in the Fifth Class, Second (Captain Godfrey Frey) Company, Third Battalion, York County Militia, according to two undated returns assigned to the year 1778.  Member of a party of the York County Militia who apprehended British deserters-prisoners and took them to Camp Security in January, 1782.



The Third Battalion of Associators was organized in 1775 by Colonel Richard McAllister of Hanover, who commanded the Second Pennsylvania Regiment of the Flying Camp, in which a large number of his men enlisted at Perth Amboy, New Jersey, in 1776.  After the organization of the state militia in 1777, the Third Battalion was commanded by Colonel David Jameson, part of this battalion served under Jameson at Germantown, White Marsh and minor engagements in 1777.  It was organized in 1775 out of the Associators in the townships of Heidelberg, Berwick, Paradise, Mt. Pleasant, Manheim and Germany.  (Captain Godfrey Fry Company - Yogam Leaman and brother Jacob Lehman.)


Next is a list of names of those in Captain Godfrey Fry’s company.  Information scanned into this document from “History of York Co. Pennsylvania”, Vol I, pg. 265 by George R. Prowell, Published: Chicago; J.H.Beers & Co., 1907.







MILITARY RECORD for ANTON (Anthony) Lehmann 

Like his oldest brother Joachim, Anton was mustered in for one year as a fifer in his county - 26 May 1776.  He served as a private in Captain P. Decherto's company of Reading, PA.  The company consisted of 86 officers and men.  This company was part of the 5th Pennsylvania Battalion, commanded by Col. R. Magraw of Carlisle, PA.  Anton's company participated in the movements of Washington's army in and around New York.  This battalion assisted in the construction of Fort Washington which was captured by General Howe on 16 Nov 1776.  The men were help prisoner until an exchange was made on 18 Jan 1777.  After the enchange, Anton re-enlisted and was with Gen. Washington until the surrender at Yorktown.

Anton (Anthony) Lehman, Pvt 5th Regiment, Col. McGraw, Capt. Decken Company, Pennsylvania Line, Feb. 1775 - Jan. 1777.

Anthony Lehman, enlisted Apr. 1775 at Carlisle, Pennsylvania.  Active service in Capt. Peter Decker's Company, Col. Robert Magaw, 5th Pennsylvania Battalion 1776 stationed at Ft. Washington, New York.

Anthony Lehman, Pvt., Capt. George Geiselman (6th) Company, 7th Battalion, York County Militia 1777 - 1778.

Anthony Lehman, Pvt., Capt. Reinhart Bott's Company, 3rd Battalion, York County Militia, 20 Nov 1782.

Anthony Lehman, 6th class, Shrewsbury Township, subject to service in Federal Army 30 Jan 1781.

Anthony Layman, 5th Battalion, Cumberland County Militia 1793 during Indian War (4 Feb 1793).

Anthony Lehman, Revolutionary War Pension Claim W-3430.  He was allowed pension on his application executed 1 May 1818.  Made application at York, Pennsylvania.


1 May 1818, Anthony Lehman, age 65, soldier of the Revolutionary War, stated at the Court of Common Pleas in York, Pennsylvania, that he enlisted in Carlisle in the (Reg't) commanded by Col. Robert McGraw, Lt. Col. Penross and Major Nagle; served 1 year and 9 months; discharged at Hackensack, New Jersey; lost his discharge as he moved about very often since the war having no home of his own.

                                                                Signed:  "Anthony Lehman"


11 Sep 1781 listed in 2nd Battalion of the Cumberland County Militia.  


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