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On this page, you will find station information: frequency changes, new stations, silent stations and the like. Newest information is at the top. It is kept for one month. Preference is given to midAMerica and/or where our reporters/contributors are.
What is reported is the principal format of said station.
* denotes outside of midAMerica, but might be of interest, or reported by a DX-midAMerica reporter.
@ denotes usage on our AZ,NV and NM listing
x denotes usage on our Suncoast/Gulf GY listing.
[vd] verified by stn [gr] gradual change, not instant format flip. Stations on occasion, are contacted, and do not answer repeated requests or phone calls on operation. Sad!
If there is a format change in your part of midAMerica, feel free to contribute! Format information may be added by e-mailing us at the above link. Rumors or "possible flips" are just that and not posted. We reply and your input will be acknowledged and is greatly appreciated. E-mails are NEVER, EVER forwarded. Streaming stations are shown with website info.
Other sites have excellent, well maintained format information, not included on this page. Their links and webmasters are listed here, arranged by state:
IN/Thompson MI/Austerman MN/Ellis WI/Noonan Others? Please let us know! info@DX-midAMerica.com - you will be credited!

freq,call,location,to,from,[former call]  week ending date

1360 KPHN KS El Dorado REL//KEXS ex:KAHS 8-22
1200 KYOO MO Bolivar OLD C&W"Real" //KYOO-FM, was C&W 8-22
1190 KDMR MO Kansas City REL:EWTN ex:KPHN 8-22
1340 KCAP MT Helena 1000/1000 NewsTalk, had been SPO 8-22
1690 KDDZ CO Denver Disney 2b Silent 9/26 -8-15
1260 WSDZ IL Bellville- St. Louis, MO Disney 2b Silent 9/26 -8-15
1300 WRDZ IL LaGrange-Chicago Disney 2b Silent 9/26 -8-15
910 WFDF MI Farmington Hills-Detroit Disney 2b Silent 9/26 -8-15
1400 WCCY MI Houghton-Hancock-Calumet +99.3 W257CZ Houghton 250W NOS:WW1 TIGERS-LIONS-RED WINGS ABC:00 "AM 1400 & 99-3FM" on occasion. No ment on website. [Rieger-MI] 8-15
1440 KDIZ MN Golden Valley-Minneapolis-St. Paul Disney 2b Silent 9/26 -8/15
1560 WQEW NY New York Disney 2b Silent 9/26 Outside midAMerica, but widely heard -8/15
1260 WWMK OH Cleveland Disney 2b Silent 9/26 -8/15
1230 KOY@AZ Phoenix TALK "KFYI-2", tossing BIZ news 8-8
970 KZNO ID Rupert SPO:ESPN ex:KFTA 8-8
930 KKIN MN Aitkin SPO:NBC dumps NOS 8-8
1340 KRBT MN Eveleth SPO:NBC Remains "The Fan 1340" 8-8
1230 KFSP MN Mankato SPO:FOX ex:KYSM 8-8
1350 KCMP MN Pine City SPO:NBC tosses NOS(WW1) 8-8
1350 KRAP MO Washington SPO:CBS ex:KWMO 8-8
1400 WJWFxMS Columbus 1000/1000 SILent 8-8
1400 KOLExTX Port Arthur 1000/1000 SS:LaLey Silent 8-8
910 WHSM WI Hayward SPO:NBC, dumping NOS 8-8
970 KFTA ID Rupert 2500/700 SPO "The Zone" +97.5 K248BZ Kimberly, tosses SS 8-1
1400 WSJM*MI St.Joseph 2b:SPO:NBC (Aug 25). 94.9FM will remain NewsTALK 8-1
1300 KPMI MN Bemidji 2500/600 SPO:FOX "The Sports Fox", no longer NEWS 8-1
1190 KPHN MO Kansas City 5000/500 REL:EWTN +92.7 K224CT Knob Noster, was Silent 8-1
1260 WXCE WI AMery SPO:NBC (as of 8-4) "Red Zone Sports Radio", tossing NOS{Rieger-MI] 8-1
1290 WZTI WI Greenfield-Milwaukee +100.3 W262CJ Milwaukee NOS"Martini Radio" 8-1
93.7 WJBCFM IL Pontiac-Bloomington-Normal OLD C&W "Nash Icons", tossing NewsTalk WJBC simulcast 8-22
102.7 WAOR IN Ligonier SPO:EWTN ex:WLEG 8-22
95.7 WRDI IN Nappanee-South Bend SPO:ESPN ex:WAOR 8-22
95.7 KOSY IA Anamosa-Cedar Rapids Top40 Y-95-7, dumps WMT NewsTalk simulcast http://www.y957fm.com/ 8-22
103.9 WNOA-LP MI Marquette 2b ON AIR "in October" REL:EWTN (UPCatholic Newspaper) [Rieger-MI] 8-22
940 WIDG St Ignace, Baraga Bcstng Network
102.1 ---- MI Stephenson new-LP
Complete list here Guide to AMerican Catholic Radio
101.7 KLDJ MN Duluth Cl HITS, dumping OLDies 8-22
100.7 CFJL MB Winnipeg 2b:100.5, 2 power up from 80,000 to 100,000w maximum ERP [Axelrod-MB] 8-22
98.3 WWHP IL Farmer City Cl HITS. flipped 8-11 8-15a
98.3 WRDZ IN Indianapolis Disney 2b Silent 9/26 -8/15
101.9 KOOO NE LaVista-Omaha ClROCK "the Keg", tossing Adult SHUFFLE "big O" 8/15
98.7 KSIDFM NE Sidney AC "98.7 the Blast", tosses Cl ROCK ksidradio.com {Rieger-MI] 8-15
103.3 CJVM MB Virden TESTING [Axelrod-MB] 8-15
101.5 WWJC WI Augusta NEW STN REL:Prayz Network 8-8
88.9 CHNI NF Saint John ROCK, was NEWS 8-1
97.7 KMTY NE Gibbon ex:Holdrege 8-1
103.1 KEDJ ID Jerome-Twin Falls ROCK, was SPO ex:KZNO 8-1
107.5 KYZK ID Sun Valley AC "Star 107.5", drops SmJAZZ 8-1

a=NOT reflected on website as of publication
b=CHANGED from original posting. Please recheck entry
c=MAY have happened before date. Per website.
U=Updated from older info, where new format not known at time.
?=don't know if correct, as this conflicts with other info.

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