Format flips

On this page, you will find station information: frequency changes, new stations, silent stations and the like. Newest information is at the top. It is kept for one month. Preference is given to midAMerica and/or where reporters/contributors are. What is reported is the principal format of said station.
* denotes outside of midAMerica, but might be of interest, or reported by a DX-midAMerica reporter.
@ denotes usage on AZ,NV and NM listing
x denotes usage on Sun Coast/Gulf GY listing.
[vd] verified by stn [gr] gradual change, not instant format flip. Stations on occasion, are contacted, and do not answer repeated requests or phone calls on operation. Sad!
If there is a format change in your part of midAMerica, feel free to contribute! Format information may be added by e-mailing to the above link. Rumors, gossip or "possible flips" are just that and not posted.
There is information held on other stations, with possible flips, but is not listed herein as information is not verifiable, thus not listed.
Input is acknowledged, greatly appreciated and a reply is sent. E-mails are NEVER, EVER forwarded.
Information on translators added at will, though not a priority. 5th harmonics don't matter. Call changes are from FCC. If not used, go to a safe zone!
Information shown is public information. Errors are possible. Accuracy/timeliness not guaranteed. Too, it all depends on what the meaning of "is" is!
Concerning slogans, it might say "107.1" on the logo, for non radio types, but "107-1" on station's audio. THAT is what is listed. That's that!
Others have format information, not included herein. Links:
IN/Thompson MI Bcst news MN/Ellis WI/Noonan Others? Mail 'em in! info@DX-midAMerica.com - you will be credited, or remain anonymous,

Streaming stations are shown with info in BLUE. Other information, of interest added at will in GREEN. What is in ITALICS is the SLOGAN of the station.
   freq call location to/from [former call] Monday entry date. If nothing is posted, there is nothing.
1230 KLWT MO Lebanon CCM 1230 the Light, was SILent 11-30
1080 KVNI ID Coeur 'd Alene 10000/1000 //92.5 K223AN 2b:AC +HSFB, dropping SPO:ESPN. [running Christmas mx now] http://www.kootenaifm.com/ 11-23
1220 KQMG IA Independence 250/134 Cl HITS//95.3, was SILent http://kqmgfm.wix.com/kqmg 11-23
1500 WSMX*NC Winston-Salem 140/-- OLD "WTOB1380.com" [WTOB1380.com will be finding new home for OLDies format] http://WTOB1380.com[Rieger-MI] 11-23
1470 WCFJ IL Chicago Heights [Brokered] SILent, License to be surrendered 11-16
1300 WRDZ IL LaGrange SILent [DISney] (stn sold) 11-16
1340 KICK MO Springfield [TALK] ex:KADI 11-16
1440 KPTO ID Pocatello SILent [TALK] Freedom 1440 11-16
1490 WTIQ MI Manistique OLD C&W "1490 the Maverick" ABC:00, drops Cl HITS http://www.wtiqradio.com/ [Rieger-MI] 11-16
The following now stream: WTIQ WGLQ WCMM WGKL and WFER. WFER updated:http://wferam.com/
1340 WALL*NY Middletown Cl HITS, drops SS (recent sale) 11-16
1400 KTNM@NM Tucumcari C&W AM 1400 KTNM Tucumcari's Legendary Country Station STREAM: http://radio.securenetsystems.net/v5/KTNM 11-16
1590 WIXK WI New Richmond REVERTS to OLD C&W, was ETH:Hmong [Rieger-MI] 11-16
580 KFNS IL Wood River 2b:SPO:Yahoo +TALK//1380 KXFN-MO, SILent 11-9
1450 KBUN MN Bemidji SPO:ESPN, dropping SPO:"Fan" 11-9
1270 KNGM MO St.Joseph 1000/36 Cl HITS //102.5 KGNMFM Classic Hits Cool 102.5 [Rieger-WI] 11-9
1350 .... ON Brampton GTD:1000/45 2b:ETHnic [Sys-BC] 11-2
98.3 WWHP IL Farmer City TALK, tossing Cl HITS http://983talk.com/ 11-30
92.3 WFWI IN Fort Wayne [NewsTALK//1190WOWO] ex:WOWOFM 11-16
89.1 KSRP KS Dodge City REL, dropping SoGOS 11-16
95.9 WLKX MN Forest Lake OLD "The Big Q"//1300 WQPM, was SS "LaZeta". Flipped 10/1 https://www.facebook.com/WQPMPrinceton/info/?tab=overview 11-16
104.5 KBUN MN Blackduck-Bemidji SPO:"Fan", was Cl HITS ex:WQXJ 11-9
88.5 KOFK MT Bozeman CP calls 11-9
106.1 W291CJ MI Marquette NOW ON: Christmas HITS 106.1 the Gift WFXD-HD4 http://gift106.com/ [Rieger-MI] 11-2
106.3 WMXG MI Stephenson NOTED TESTING Nov 2 11am-12noon EST [Rieger-MI] 11-2
92.1 WLTU WI Manitowoc C&W Hot Country 92-1, was Cl HITS 11-2b
106.5 CHBY ON Barry's Bay 12000w NEW STN: Variety HITS Moose FM [Sys-BC] 11-2
88.7 CIWN ON Mount Forest 1648w NEW STN: Eclectic Saugeen Radio [Sys-BC] 11-2
107.9 CKPP ON Prescott 1000w/4200ERP NEW STN: Cl HITS Coast FM [Sys-BC] 11-2
104.9 CFDC ON Shelburne 125000w/50000wERP NEW STN: C&W Country 105 [Sys-BC] 11-2

a=NOT reflected on website as of publication
b=CHANGED from original posting. Please recheck entry
c=MAY have happened before date. Per website.
U=Updated from older info, where new format not known at time.
?=don't know if correct, as this conflicts with other info.
format flips arranged by date
format flips arranged by frequency
format flips arranged by political unit

1230 WBBZ*OK Ponca City TALK NewsTalk 1230, was OLD 12-4 forestgreen