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On this page, you will find station information: frequency changes, new stations, silent stations and the like. Newest information is at the top. It is kept for one month. Preference is given to midAMerica and/or where our reporters/contributors are.
What is reported is the principal format of said station.
* denotes outside of midAMerica, but might be of interest, or reported by a DX-midAMerica reporter.
@ denotes usage on our AZ,NV and NM listing
x denotes usage on our Suncoast/Gulf GY listing.
[vd] verified by stn [gr] gradual change, not instant format flip. Stations on occasion, are contacted, and do not answer repeated requests or phone calls on operation. Sad!
If there is a format change in your part of midAMerica, feel free to contribute! Format information may be added by e-mailing us at the above link. Rumors or "possible flips" are just that and not posted. We reply and your input will be acknowledged and is greatly appreciated. E-mails are NEVER, EVER forwarded. Streaming stations are shown with website info.
Information on translators is added at will, and not a priority of the website.
Other sites have excellent, well maintained format information, not included on this page. Their links and webmasters are listed here, arranged by state:
IN/Thompson MI/Austerman MN/Ellis WI/Noonan Others? Please let us know! info@DX-midAMerica.com - you will be credited!

freq,call,location,to,from,[former call] week ending date
1400 KFTM CO Fort Morgan Cl HITS, tossing AC 12-19
1240 WHBU IN Anderson News TALK + 103.7 W279CL 12-19
1230 WTCJ IN Tell City Adult SHUFFLE (SAM) +93.3 W22CO Cannelton 12-19
1070 KFTI KS Wichita OLD C&W "Classic Country 1070" 92.3 sold) 12-19
1340 KTOQ SD Rapid City SPO:ESPN "ESPN Rapid City" +105.7 K289AI 250w 12-19
1530 WLWB WI New Holstein 2b //98.9 WEMP SoftAC,EZL 12-19
1460 WKAM IN Goshen AND
1580 WJVA IN South Bend //SS LaRaza LaRazaIndiana.com [Rieger-MI] 12-12
1150 CKOC ON Hamilton drops night power to:20000w 2b:50000d/20000n [Sys-BC] 12-5
104.1 KZTU ND Tioga REL:EWTN http://yourcatholicradiostation.com/ 12-19
98.9 WEMP WI Two Rivers SoftAC,EZL //1530 WLWB 12-19
107.1 WJPS IN Boonville Cl HITS. ex:WEJK 12-12
106.3 WRDF IN Columbia City REL Redeemer Radio. ex:WHPP 12-12
95.7 WRDI IN Napanee REL:Redeemer Radio. ex:WAOR 12-12
89.7 WBCW IN Upland ex:WTUR 12-12
91.7 KXRP ND Bismarck ex:KBFR 12-12
95.3 KKWZ ND Crary SILent 12-12
92.1 WMKQ WI Racine-Kenosha-Milwaukee [C&W] ex:WEZY 12-12
104.1 KZTW ND Tioga NEW STN: REL:EWTN "Real Presence Radio" 12-12
99.1 KLSX WY Rozet SILent 12-12
89.9 KDTI WY Sheridan REL:CCM K-Love 12-12
92.1 WEZY WI Racine C&W "Q92", (RDS reads as "The New Q92.1"), drops AC [Rieger-WI]12-5
101.5 CKMO ON Orangeville NEW: AC-OLD [Sys-BC] 12-5
93.9 CKKL ON Ottawa C&W "Country 94" [Sys-BC] 12-5
102.7 CJRK ON Scarborough NEW STN 2b: Multilingual 1200w ERP [Sys-BC] 12-5

a=NOT reflected on website as of publication
b=CHANGED from original posting. Please recheck entry
c=MAY have happened before date. Per website.
U=Updated from older info, where new format not known at time.
?=don't know if correct, as this conflicts with other info.

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