Format flips

On this page, you will find station information: frequency changes, new stations, silent stations and the like. Newest information is at the top. It is kept here, then moved to the format archives page, after the last mothly posting. Preference is given to midAMerica and/or where reporters/contributors are. What is reported is the principal format of said station.
* denotes outside of midAMerica, but might be of interest, or reported by a DX-midAMerica reporter.
@ denotes usage on AZ,NV and NM GY listing.
+ denotes usage on NorthEast GY listing.
x denotes usage on Sun Coast/Gulf GY listing.
[vd] verified by stn via e-mail, phone call or steaming/broadcast, [gr] gradual change, not instant format flip. Stations on occasion, are contacted, and do not answer repeated requests or phone calls on operation. Sad!
If there is a format change in your part of midAMerica, feel free to contribute! Format information may be added by e-mailing to the above link. Rumors, gossip or "possible flips" are just that and not posted.
There is information held on other stations, with possible flips, but is not listed herein as information is not verifiable, thus not listed.
Input is acknowledged, greatly appreciated and a thank you is sent. E-mails are NEVER, EVER forwarded.
Information on translators added at will, though not a priority. 5th harmonics don't matter. Call changes are from FCC. If not used, go to a safe zone!
Information shown is public information. Stations are monitored through website, broadcasts, streaming or road trips! Errors are possible. Accuracy/timeliness not guaranteed. Too, it all depends on what the meaning of "is" is!
Concerning slogans, it might say "107.1" on the logo, for non radio types, but "107-1" on station's audio. THAT is what is listed. That's that!
Others have format information, not included herein. Links:
IN/Thompson MI Bcst news MN/Ellis WI/Noonan Others? Mail 'em in! info@DX-midAMerica.com - you will be credited, or remain anonymous.

Streaming stations are shown giving website information. Other information, of interest added at will in GREEN. What is in "QUOTES" is the SLOGAN of the station.
   freq call location to/from [former call] Monday entry date. If nothing is posted, there is nothing.
1230 WDBZ OH Cincinnati GOS +101.5 W268CM 6-27
1300 KOLY SD Mobridge SoftAC "The Light-AM 1300 KOLY" tosses NOS 6-27
1400 KWNA@NV Winnemucca 1000/1000 ND Cl HITS/ROCK(WW1) +104.5 K283AP 6-20
1570 WLRS IN New Albany [SS] ex:WNDA 6-13
1280 WFYC MI Alma C&W, tossing SPO:NBC www.wqbx.biz/wfyc-1280-am.html 6-13
1340 KXPO ND Grafton [C&W] +94.7 K234BO Grafton 6-13
1050 KFIO*WA Spokane REL, was NOS ex:KEYF 6-13
1400 WSTC CT Stamford 780/780 NOS. Was SILent vgrradio.com 6-6
105.7 WWWM MN Eden Prairie [Hip-Hop, R&B] ex:WGVZ 6-27
94.5 KPMIFM MN Beaudette [CP] ex:WPMI 6-20
98.3 WWHP IL Farmer City Cl ROCK, tossing TALK 6-13
91.1 WBEK IL Kankakee [Educ//WBEZ] ex:WKCC 6-13
105.3 KNOD IA Harlan Cl HITS, was OLD 6-13
96.7 KQZZ ND Crary [HotAC] ex:Devils Lake 6-13
100.5 WDTX WI Rothschild-Wausau SPO:ESPN, was SPO:NBC espn1005.com 6-13
99.7 KSIT WY Rock Springs AdultHITS "99-7 Jack FM" was Cl ROCK 99ksit.com 6-13
107.9 KAOX ID Shelley SILent 6-6
95.7 WSEY IL Oregon Cl HITS, was OLD 6-6
92.7 KZDR ND Kindred 2b:Breckenridge,MN 2b:KBMW-FM 2b:"B92.7"/NEW FORMAT. SILent. Was Cl HITS 6-6
95.3 KKWZ ND Rugby NEW:AC s/on:10amCDT (6/6) https://www.facebook.com/kkwz95.3/?hc_location=ufi http://www.kkwzfm.com/ [Rieger-MI] 6-6
104.9 KRRR WY Cheyenne Cl HITS, was OLD 6-6
92.9 CKYZ MB Winnipeg NEW:ETHnic 6-6 [Sys-BC]
97.1 CKLN NL Clarenville NEW: C&W "Kixx Country" 6-6 [Sys-BC]
107.7 CFMP ON Arnprior OLDies 107.7, tossing AC 6-6 [Sys-BC]
100.9 CIYM ON Brighton OLDies 100.9, was AC 6-6 [Sys-BC]

a=NOT reflected on website as of publication
b=CHANGED from original posting. Please recheck entry
c=MAY have happened before date. Per website.
U=Updated from older info, where new format not known at time.
?=don't know if correct, as this conflicts with other info.
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107.9 WCZW MI Charlevoix 2b: REL, was Cl HITS//107.5 WCCW 3-7
 89.9 KXSW SD Agency Village, was Sisseton 3-21 WFTCwww.wqbx.biz/wfyc-1280-am.htmlKSIT99ksit.comWDTXespn1005.com http://www.kgso.com/ forestgreen

1410 KDKT Beulah-Hazen, SPO:CBS 24h [KHOL]1410 KDKT Beulah-Hazen, SPO:CBS 24h [KHOL]