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Returned to the show in Steph's dreams early 2006. & could be coming back as a new character.





Occupation:Mechanic, bouncer

Residence:22 Ramsay Street

Related to: Libby (husband), Ben (father), Ron and Rose Kirk (parents), Stewart, Sally & Dougal (siblings),

Karl, Susan Kennedy, Mal and Billy Kennedy (by marriage), Lou Carpenter (landlord/boss)

Marital Status: Libby  Kennedy (Married)

Notable moments: Marrying Libby , the birth of his son, Ben. Rescuing Lolly from a fire.


Drew Kirk comes from Oakey and arrived in Neighbours as a mechanic at Lou's garage. Shortly after his arrival he was suspected to be growing drugs but he was fouund innocent and the plants turned out to be something entirely different. His arival attracted many women to the garage but his soft spot for Libby Kennedy was obvious. At the time she was involved with someone else and he got involved with geri Hallett for a short while. When Drew saw Libby's partner with someone else it took a while for Libby to believe him and for a short period Libby wouldn't speak to him. Drew got his chance soon though when he was found to be telling the truth. He and Libby made up and after a while they started going out. He proposed at the millennium street party before dashing into a burning number 26 to save Lolly, leaving Libby stunned. He was upset when she turned him down but this did not affect their relationship. When he proposed again, at a theme photo place, where they were doing a wedding scene, she accepted and things went well until Libby and Steph's motorbike accident, which killed Brendan Bell and robbed Libby of the chance to ever have children. Knowing how much Drew wanted children, Libby called off the wedding and ended things with Drew, leaving him devastated. This was worsened by Steph's declaration of love for him just before he was set to leave Erinsborough. He turned her down. When it came to the evening that Drew was to sign his part of the garage over to someone else Libby realised what a mistake she had made and raced to the garage to stop him signing the papers. She got there just in time and Drew decided to stay in Erinsborough. they eventually married in a beautiful wedding that went without hitches, with drew fulfilling the family tradition by singing at the wedding. The honeymoon didn't go as smoothly though, with Geri Hallett - Drew's ex and Libby's work partner turning up, observing them for an article about the honeymoon. More drama for the couple followed as Libby discoveded she was pregnant. Drew advised her not to put her life at risk by having it but she went ahead. Adding to the stress was Scotty, and old 'friend' of Drew's who turned up looking for a loan of $10000. They lent him the money, although Drew seemed uncomfortable in his prescence. The truth soon came out that an accident in their childhood had seen Drew shoot Scotty through the leg and Scotty has had a fake leg since - Scotty had been blackmailing Drew. At the Oakey Rodeo Libby went for a walk whilst Drew competed (and won) and got locked in a stable, where she went into labour. The message eventually got to Drew and Libby had to be airlifted to the hospital, where she flatlined after the babies birth. After an agonising wait the news was given that Libby was stable. Both Libby and the baby had to stay in the hospital for a while but they are now home. They have recently been able to get rid of Drew's mate, Chooka (from Oakey) who was staying at the flat and getting in the way and hoped for a peaceful life but Scotty failed to repay the money they had 'loaned' him, due to a lost bet at the rodeo (he bet against Drew) so it was obvious they were short of money. Scotty turned up needing more money but Drew turned him down, alythough he knew he wouldn't see the money again. They didn't accept money from Karl and Susan and instead Drew took a second job as a boncer at a nightclub. There was an incident at the club where Drew pushed a man who was playing up and he fell against a table. This meant that Drew could be charged with assualt. The video camera didn't have a tape in it when Drew looked and there was no evidence to prove that it was self defence. It turned out that Drew's manager, Barb, had taken the tape because it contained evidence of her affair with another bouncer. In the end Drew was cleared and kept his job. The stress of taking care of his baby and having two jobs took its toll on Drew and he got very tired at work, making several careless mistakes at the garage. Drew was too proud to accept Karl and Susan's loan offer and wanted to struggle on. He was forced to accept Lou when Lou offered the a 'gift' (a loan in disguise). Ben was to have a 10% share of the garage and Drew was to keep the profits. This meant that Drew could give up his job as a bouncer and spend more time with the now-christened 'Ben Kennedy Kirk'. New Neighbour Terri also caused problems for the family as Libby came the conclusion that she was a drug addict. It turned out that Terri was an undercover policewoman. Terri broke his arm when she tackled him at a robvbery at the garage, without realising who he was. Libby was furious with Terri, but Drew accepted her gift - some baby toys. Drew and Libby moved into Number 22 after a generous offer from Lou and settled there as a family despite early problems of woodworm in the house. When Drew was invited to Oakey by Ron, his father to discuss business he was shocked that his father wanted him to move to Oakey and be the manager at a stud farm he was planning. He and Libby were initially sceptical about moving - especially after Susan's amnesia, but after finding out about Ron's bad heart and seeing their future residence, they agreed to move. However, tragedy struck when Drew and Libby went for a celebratory ride. drew was thrown from his horse and died, leaving Libby distraught. He was buried in Oakey after a tearful funeral, attended by many of his close friends and family.

Clips 965k Giz one 0:46 With Libby 962K Know her 0:51 With Steph & Geri 994k Happiest man 0:27 Libby Ron & Rose Kirk   1.85MBs Drew Singing   2:04  Him Harold & Fergus Singing Libby + other wedding guest

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