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Neighbours Boys

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Occupation: Student, carpenter

Residence: 28 Ramsay Street

Related to:
Karl and Susan Kennedy (Son), Malcolm (Brother) & Libby Kennedy (Sister)

Love interest
s: Anne Wilkinson, Caitlin Atkins, Melissa Drenth

Notable moment: Setting up a pirate radio station

Like Most teenagers Billy had average grades at school and average luck with girls. He got into a few scrapes with best mate Toadie, once almost being charged with theft when Toadie lifted some prizes from a charity fund raser. He wasn't prepared to date younger neighbour Hannah preferring instead an older girl called "Packo" who was a year or two above him school. She gently let him down which is more than he did with Hannah. Billy later found love with Ann Wilkinson when she moved next door with her Mum and twin brother Lance. After school Billy took over the job of handyman for the street suddenly possessing the skills to carry out complicated carpentry work. He then got an apprenticeship interstate which meant leaving home and Anne. This became permanent when after a few months Anne moved out to join him.

1.09 MB  Acting about with Caitlin Atkins in the swimming pool.28 Seconds hypothetically speaking

1MB Clip with Anne (Shiner) Time 1.01

Building 1:07 With   Sam Rodgers _ Matthew Albert Falling   & Maurie Ryan _ Neil Fletcher

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