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Neighbours Boys

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 Greg Cooper  _ Alan Fletcher - 1984 - 88 - Karl 1994.....

Greg Cooper _ Alan Fletcher - (Karl) - 1987

Greg Cooper _ Alan Fletcher - 1987

                                                                                                                                                                      Malcolm          Susan                  

Birthday: March 30, 1957 Birth Place: Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Occupation: Doctor, handyman, runs the local surgery at Lassiter's with Darcy

Residence: 28 Ramsay Street

Related to: Ronald Davies-Smythe (biological parent), Tom Kennedy (adoptive parent), Susan (husband), Malcolm, Libby and Billy (father), Ben (grandfather), Darcy  (uncle by marriage), Drew (father-in-law)

Love interests: Sarah Beaumont, wife Susan & Izzy Hoyland

Marital Status: Susan Smith

Most notable moment: His illicit kiss with

Dr Karl was named after his Dad's hero Karl Marx which irritates Karl immensely. He always felt that he didn't quite live up to his Dad's high expectations and swore never to put his own kids under the same pressure. Unfortunately Karl is well known for his directness and is quick to tell people when they're not quite up to standard. His wife Susan often tells him about his insensitivity which he flatly denies. Despite his faults Karl loves his family and he's actually quite popular among his neighbours. Karl's ability as a doctor has been questioned several times. He left his practice in the country after a man died under his care and then Cheryl Stark died under his care. Coincidence? Well he's still practising and he's everyone's GP. He's recently saved his business from his corrupt nephew Darcy Tyler and helped with the birth of his first grand child, Libby's son Ben.

Alan originally joined neighbours in 1989, when he played a mechanic, Greg Cooper, who worked closely with Kyle Minouges character, Charlene. At this point Greg was only a temporary character and was only in the show for a few months.

Favourite Role Frank Vittorio "Sword of Honour"Highlights of Embassy you wish to share
Great scripts!

Highlights of Cop Shop you wish to share
Made friends for life

Highlights of Gross Misconduct you wish to share
Working with Jimmy Smits

Highlights of Beyond My Reach you wish to share
The trip to L.A.!

Highlights of Sword of Honour you wish to share
Best role. Great scripts about an important part of Australian history.

Highlights of Cool Change you wish to share
The horse riding

Highlights of Fran you wish to share
Working with the brilliant Noni Hazelhurst

Highlights of The Love Boat you wish to share
Meeting Graham Kennedy
Preferred Medium (Stage, Screen, Television) All three
Hobbies Photography, golf
Address For Fan Correspondence

c/o Grundy Television or my website ( guestbook
Favourite Book Cloudstreet - Tim Winton
Favourite Movies

Local Hero
Favourite Song

"Russians" - Sting
Favourite Television Program

Any documentary about out world
Favourite Person to Act Alongside Jackie Woodburne
Actor you would like to work with Robert Duvall
Favourite Possession My guitar
Future Ambitions

Write and record more music
Why you became an Actor Couldn't help myself
If you were'nt an Actor other career choice


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973k Peeing 0:42 With Paul 969k Man Thing  (Singing) 0:49 Jack & Another

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